The first 2022 award to be presented was a Solid Ground Award to Panorama Resort in eastern British Columbia.

On left, Patrick Fournier, Director of Panorama Resort Operations; centre, Penny Powers; right, Max Powers

More are coming as local pilots present them.

Annual General Meeting of Members of ACVL/HPAC

Members are advised that the 2022 Annual General Meeting of the Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association of Canada/Association Canadienne de Vol Libre will take place online from Friday May 20, 2022 to Sunday May 29, 2022 (inclusive). Materials and links will be sent to members in the very near future.

How to Sign up Foreign Visiting Temporary Members

It is critically important that visitors to Canada take out Temporary Membership in HPAC/ACVL in order to protect our landowners with our insurance. Foreign insurance does not name our landowners as Additional Insured on their policies nor do most policies have sufficient coverage. That is why all visiting pilots need Temporary Membership, good for 60 days, available only for pilots with a permanent foreign residence.

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X-Contest Canada: Logging Your Flights

By Mark Dowsett

I started the XCanada National Contest in 2012 as an early adopter of the National contests offered by XContest internationally. I think it is a really fun way spark some friendly rivalry between friends but more-so, it is a fantastic learning tool to see exactly what your flying friend did differently on any given flying day from you and how it resulted in a different flight than yours. I have a feed on the National contest so I get notified daily on XC flights posted across the country.

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