Pilot Ratings

A Canada-wide rating system is in place for all hang glider and paraglider pilots. The rating and endorsement requirements from Novice to Advanced can be found in SOP 410 Pilot Ratings . The various ratings are a combination of practical flying skills as well as a written test of theoretical knowledge.

Risk management is a high priority for our Association

For the safety of our members, the protection of our land owners and our ongoing insurability as a sport, all pilots are encouraged to work toward a minimum P2 or H2 rating in order to be able to fly independently and safely, without supervision of an instructor.

Ongoing education and skill development is a core concept for all types of aviation, and our sport is no different. A real pilot is a rated pilot. Periodic SIV’s, reserve repack clinics, HAGAR study sessions, are all examples of continuing education in that they provide an opportunity to exchange knowledge with instructors but also with more advanced fellow pilots.

New Pilots

For new paraglider pilots under instruction, the Paragliding and Hang Gliding Training Logbook is an excellent and highly recommended tool for working through the P1/P2 and H1/H2 Novice rating with your instructor. Copies are available from your instructor or through the Office.

The Training Logbook is your personal record of your skill acquisition. Should you move to another area or to another instructor, prior to completion of your rating, this logbook documents the skills you have mastered todate toward the P2 rating. The Training logbook stays with the pilot at all times.

Foreign Ratings

If you are a new member of HPAC and have a foreign rating, OR if you are a member pilot who acquired a rating outside of Canada, those ratings can be evaluated by an HPAC-certified instructor for potentially assigning an HPAC-equivalent rating. Please contact an instructor in your area for such an evaluation. The instructor will send in an HPAC rating form for you to the Office as appropriate.

This will then be recorded in your pilot profile and will appear on your membership card.

A Note about foreign-issued IPPI cards

Please be advised that IPPI cards listing an IPPI level are not sufficient on their own for documenting skill levels for consideration for an HPAC rating equivalency. Please provide a rating or membership card from the national association documenting your rating. The reason is that various countries interpret the FAI guidelines related to IPPI levels in different ways and therefore a rating issued by the national association in the country where the rating was given, provides a more accurate assessment of the level attained by the pilot.