Joining HPAC for the First Time

Welcome to the beautiful sport of hang gliding, paragliding and speedflying in Canada.

For persons wishing to take up the sport in Canada, please connect with an instructor or school in your region. You will be offered a course of instruction toward a rating in accordance with SOP 410 Pilot Ratings .

In order to be able to register for membership, you will need to identify the HPAC-certified instructor from whom you are taking instruction on your application form.

Membership Application and Waiver Form 

If you are a pilot moving to Canada with a rating from another country, please also connect with an HPAC-certified instructor in your region of residence and present your foreign rating(s), logbooks, etc. to an instructor so they can assign you an equivalent Canadian rating. You will need to include the HPAC-certified instructor’s name on your application to be eligible for membership.

Please note the Policy regarding membership in HPAC here: SOP 220 Membership