Hang Glider Air Regulations
Hang Glider Air Regulations

HAGAR stands for Hang Glider Air Regulations. It covers the Canadian Aviation Regulations pertaining to hang gliders and paragliders specifically.

HG/PG pilots flying in controlled airspace must have successfully written the HAGAR exam, regardless of their HPAC rating. Uncontrolled airspace is slowly disappearing in most locations where we fly.

The HAGAR exam is administered at some Transport Canada Centres and by Authorized Examination Invigilators found here.

Before you go in to write your exam, make sure that you have all you need. To be allowed to write the HAGAR exam, you usually need to present a category 4 Medical certificate.

The cost of writing this exam varies, depending on the area that you write the exam in. If there are no invigilators nearby, the local TC CA test centre may offer it. If there is an invigilator available instead, the invigilator will determine the fee.

To help you prepare for this exam, go to the HPAC HAGAR Study Guide which was updated in June 2016.

The official HAGAR study guide from Transport Canada, is online at:

TP 11408E Study and Reference Guide – Air Law and Procedures – Hang Glider

If you are looking for additional ways to test your knowledge, you can find a few practice exams online at: