Instructor/Tandem Instructor Certification Program

Instructor Certification:

The requirements for becoming an HPAC/ACVL-certified instructor or Senior Instructor and the requirements for maintaining the certification can be found in National Curriculum for the Instructor Certification Program and SOP 420 Instructor Certification .

Tandem Endorsement:

The requirements for the tandem endorsement (TI) or for a Tandem Instructor (TII) endorsement (with current Instructor or Senior Instructor certification) can be found in  SOP 430 Tandem Endorsement Program .

Please note that Instructors working toward their tandem endorsement must first take a tandem course from a Senior Instructor TII, followed by a number of practice tandem flights with rated HPAC pilots only. During these tandem practice flights, the tandem pilot must at all times carry the Tandem T1 Endorsement Training and Flight Training Log  and produce it upon request by any HPAC member on launch or at landing. This form must also be submitted by the Senior Instructor to the Office when recommending the instructor for a Tandem Endorsement.

Please note also that the Tandem Endorsement can be assigned no earlier than one full calendar year after the pilot has earned the Advanced rating.

Temporary (Visiting) Tandem Instructor Certification and Endorsement:

Certified Instructors and Tandem Instructors from other Countries can temporarily operate in Canada (maximum 90 days), with certain restrictions, and the approval of an HPAC-certified Senior Instructor. Please review the policy in SOP 432 Temporary Tandem Instructor Certification and Endorsement  and contact the HPAC Office to begin the process.

A Word about Waivers:

The HPAC Waiver that is signed by students and tandem students, and collected by Instructors and Tandem Instructors on behalf of HPAC, is the property of HPAC. The waiver as approved by the Association, its legal advisor, and the insurance underwriter has to be signed as a stand-alone document by all participants.

While instructors and tandem pilots, and some landowners, will in addition likely have their own waivers which also have to be signed, these are in addition to the stand-alone HPAC waiver.

Please contact the Office in case of any questions.

Council of Senior Instructors (CSI):

The Senior Instructors of HPAC/ACVL form a Standing Committee which regularly reviews and then recommends any changes to the HPAC instructional program to the HPAC Board of Directors.

Forms for Senior Instructors: