Canadian Aviation Regulations

The Canadian Aviation Regulations, also know as “the CARs”, are the laws and regulations that govern aviation. Transport Canada is the federal government agency that is responsible for developing regulations for all transportation in Canada.

Since Paragliding and Hang Gliding are considered to be aviation in the eyes of the law, we too have to abide by the CARs. All pilots need to know the basics of the Canadian Air Regulations and how Canadian airspace is governed.

The regulations and requirements can seem a bit overwhelming at first. Most of them fortunately require time only but are not all that difficult to comprehend or obtain.

 Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM)

The HAGAR study guide gets its information from the Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM), which in turn gets it from the Canadian Aviation Regulations.

The AIM is a great source of information and a lot more digestible than the CARs themselves. It provides aviators with a single source for information concerning rules of the air and procedures for aircraft operation in Canadian airspace.

Aeronautical Information Manual
Aeronautical Information Manual