HPAC Committees and Advisors

The following Committees and Advisors of HPAC focus on specific priorities and activities of the Association. Committee members are volunteers from the pilot membership with particular interest or expertise, who advise the Board of Directors and make recommendations for action. 

Council of Senior Instructors

    • Jayson Biggins
    • Jacques Blanchet
    • Rob Clarkson
    • Glenn Derouin
    • Mark Dowsett
    • Max Fanderl
    • Michael Fuller
    • John Janssen
    • Keith MacCullough
    • René Marion
    • Steve Milchak
    • Claudio Mota
    • Eric Olivier
    • Jim Reich
    • Michael Robertson
    • Doug Skye
    • Francois Thibodeau
    • Al Thielmann
    • Colleen Varcoe
    • Dion Vuk

Safety and Accident Review

Send Accident/Incident Reports to:

Jacqualyn Pichette

  Jacqualyn Pichette

General Counsel

Mark Damm