Transport Canada Air Regulations and HAGAR

As hang glider and paraglider pilots, who take to the skies, we enjoy great freedom and exhilaration. But it is a privilege that comes with responsibility: to be mindful and observant of other aviation using our skies, commercial and general, and to be knowledgeable of the air regulations that are the law of the land for all aviation.

While Transport Canada allows the sport of hang gliding and paragliding in Canada to self-govern through our community of pilots (HPAC), we need to protect the sport by following the Transport Canada Canadian Air Regulations that govern our skies.

Pilots are encouraged to write the HAGAR exam as early in their flying career as possible. Successful completion of the HAGAR is a prerequisite for both the Intermediate P3 and H3 ratings. It is the only formal exam requirement set for our sport by Transport Canada.

Download the HAGAR Study Guide [PDF].