Pilot Rating Program and Examinations

Requirements for All Pilot Ratings:

Instructors should review the requirements for each rating and endorsement to confirm that pilots have met all requirements before assigning a pilot rating. The requirements can be found in  SOP 410 Pilot Ratings .

Important Checklist for Conducting Examinations and Assigning and Submitting Ratings:

  • Instructors please be sure that all practical skills required for the rating have been tested and observed by you as instructor;
  • Use the Paraglider P1/P2 Training Logbook for all new Paragliding students (available by online purchase or by download)
  • Consult with any other instructor that the student may have begun their training with in order to credit previous fulfillments of any rating requirements with a previous instructor;
  • Please use only current forms from the HPAC website to avoid misdirection or delay of the rating submission to the Office;
  • Please promptly submit ratings to the Office so that pilot ratings can be current and pilots can receive their updated currency card;
  • Submit ratings only after all requirements have been met; it is the responsibility of the instructor and the student to manage all the components of completion of the requirements for a rating; please submit only the rating form;
  • Carefully protect passwords connected with access to the written examinations; instructors must be logged in to access the pilot examinations, so that the system recognizes them as current instructors; a further password is required to access the examinations (contact the Office in case of difficulty);
  • Please provide all new students with the HPAC Information Card (available to all current HPAC-certified instructors and tandem instructors) when they first begin their instruction so that the new pilots can become familiar with the role of HPAC as the community of free flight in Canada and with the tools to manage their flight careers;
  • Please also direct pilots to the Official Facebook Page of the Association so they can begin to participate in discussions with fellow pilots.

When should students become HPAC members?

Students can become members of HPAC

  • at the beginning of, or during, their training (with the signature of the instructor who is actively teaching and supervising the flights of the student); or
  • at the conclusion of the H2 or P2 rating process (the membership application is then accompanied by the rating form from the instructor).

While the student is under instruction, the student pilot is covered for third-party liability under the third-party liability insurance carried by the instructor/tandem pilot.

Pilots with Foreign Ratings:

Pilots with foreign ratings should contact an HPAC-certified instructor to have their foreign rating reviewed and their skills assessed so that an HPAC-equivalent rating could be assigned by the instructor. Discretion lies with the instructor as to how he/she conducts the assessment of the foreign rating, potentially including administering a written examination.

Any HPAC rating that is assigned by the instructor should be submitted by the instructor on a pilot rating form in the usual way.

Instructor Forms:

Pilot Rating Registration Form (PDF)


Active instructors can download exams on this page.