SIV (Simulation d’Incidents en Vol)

Taking part in an SIV course is your opportunity to become a safer, more skilled and confident pilot. During an SIV course, you will simulate some of the more stress-inducing and undesirable events that could happen while in free flight. Examples of these are collapses on a paraglider due to turbulence or pilot error.

Although there is always a healthy apprehension when inducing and practicing these situations, pilots end up with increased confidence and skill gained from practicing the maneuvers in an SIV course.

 HPAC requires a full SIV course as a prerequisite to obtaining the Advanced P4 paragliding rating.

 There are currently no such courses for hang gliding training, primarily because a hang glider, as a more rigid aircraft, does not collapse in the way a paraglider does.

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Please contact an HPAC-certified instructor for more information on SIV courses in your area.