Visiting Pilots

If you are visiting from another country, welcome to Canada and our beautiful flying sites.

Temporary Membership for Visitors

Please be aware that you will need to become a temporary HPAC member, good for 60 days, in order to fly most of our sites while you are visiting Canada.

You can find the temporary membership form here. 

Contacts with Local Pilots

It is important to connect with local pilots at all flying sites, as you can hand off your temporary membership form and fee. As well, they will be happy to provide you with a site orientation regarding approved landing zones, house thermals, risk areas etc. It will ensure that the site is not put at risk.

Please contact the HPAC office to be put in touch with a local club in the region you are interested in visiting. You can find a list of clubs and pilot groups by region here.

A word about foreign Insurance

While you likely carry world-wide insurance through your home country’s Association, that insurance will not be valid in Canada as primary insurance. Our landowners (of public as well as private land) are specifically named in our Canadian insurance policy and require all pilots to carry Canadian insurance. Your understanding is appreciated.

Note: Pilots resident in Canada are not eligible for the temporary visitor membership.