Competitions, XC and Minimum Ratings

Currently there does not exist a minimum rating requirement for participating in any HPAC/ACVL sanctioned competitions that are by definition cross-country task events nor to claim Canadian Records through the XContest.

At its annual meeting, the Board of Directors considered a proposal from a Senior Instructor that the requirements for flying XC in HPAC/ACVL sanctioned competitions or to claim records in the XContest, be brought in line with the minimum P3 and H3 rating requirements for flying XC in SOP 410 Pilot Ratings .

The Board approved the proposal, which will not kick in until the 2018 competition season, to allow pilots planning on participating in 2018 sanctioned competitions to upgrade to a minimum P3 or H3.

HPAC’S Competition Chair Steps Down

By Nicole McLearn

Effective August 1, I stepped down as HPAC’s competition chair.  I have recently decided to focus less on high-level competitions and more on recreational XC, so I think the role would be better-served by a current and enthusiastic competition pilot who can offer a fresh perspective.

If you would like to contribute yourself or have a nomination for a new comp chair, please send it to

In some ways I will miss being in the loop regarding all things competition, but I’m also looking forward to the opportunity to focus on other projects.  I would like to thank the competition committee and the HPAC BoD for assisting me with various activities and giving guidance where needed.  Volunteering is very important to our community and I wanted to express my appreciation for all the hard work they do for the sport in Canada!