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Date of Issue: 26 may 2015

Purpose of this operating procedure (OP)

  1. The purpose of this Policy and Regulatory Directive (PRD) is to define and describe the process to grant the Solid Ground Award.


  1. The Solid Ground Award was conceived to honour and salute the landowners, or policy makers whose contributions and support have insured the continuation and advancement of our sport in Canada through contributions related to flying sites.
    The Solid Ground Award is awarded on an annual basis to an individual, landowner, organization or official who has contributed in an outstanding way to the sports of hang gliding and/ or paragliding in Canada.
    The award is the premier mechanism the HPAC /ACVL has for recognizing this type of contribution to our sports.
    The number of Awards given in any year shall be determined by the Board of Directors according to the nominations received that year.


  1. All individuals, landowners, organizations or officials who have contributed in an outstanding way to flying site improvement, establishment of flying sites, launch and landing zones access and/or long term contribution of property to the advancement and continuation of our sport are eligible.
  2. Recipients of the award may be of national, provincial, regional or local importance.
  3. The Solid Ground Award can be awarded to the same individual more than once.


  1. Any member of the HPAC/ACVL may nominate an individual for the award. Nominations must include a detailed rationale for the nomination.
  2. Nominations may be filed at anytime with the Executive Director but only those received prior to the Annual Directors' Meeting (ADM) shall be considered.
  3. The winner shall be selected from the nominated individuals by a vote of the Directors at the annual meeting of the BoD.
  4. The Award shall generally take the form of a plaque and shall become the property of the recipient. The design of the plaque may vary and shall be decided upon by the Board of Directors.

    Revision history:
  • 2004-11-08: created
  • 2005-02-08: edited
  • 2015-12-14 SL: new version conform to canadian regulations
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