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Required HAGAR Catchup for H3/P3-rated Pilots without HAGAR

Announcement: H3/P3 Requirements Update

In 2020, the H3/P3 rating prerequisites were changed to require H3/P3 pilots to have passed the HAGAR exam. This requirement was added to recognize that as pilots move into this stage their XC flying becomes more ambitious, with increasing responsibility to stay both safe and legal. Even at well- established sites, knowing and understanding the relevant airspace limitations, as well as being able to access Class E airspace, can be critical.

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New HPAC/ACVL Senior Instructor appointed

Randy Rauck has been appointed as the newest Senior Instructor of HPAC/ACVL by the Board of Directors at its recent December 2021 virtual meeting. Randy has a long history in the sport and is the owner/operator of the Lumby Flight Park in Lumby BC, which offers instruction in both hang gliding and paragliding.

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