World Record set in Canada!

The flight

FAI has ratified the following Class O (Hang Gliding and Paragliding) World record:

Claim number: 19334
Sub-class: O-2 / HG with a rigid primary structure / movable control surface(s)
Category: General
Group: Not applicable
Type of record: Speed over a triangular course of 100 km
Course/location: Brussels, Ontario (Canada)
Performance: 59,00 km/h
Pilot: Armand Acchione (Canada)
Aircraft: Swift Light / Aeriane
Date: 07.08.2020
Previous record: 53,73 km/h (30.08.2002 – Robin Hamilton, United Kingdom)

FAI congratulates the Pilot on this splendid achievement.

The aircraft

The pilot thanks Stewart Midwinter, HPAC Records Chair and Martin Henry, himself a repeat world record holder, for their diligence in preparing the extensive record claim submission to FAI.

Left to right: pilot Armand Acchione, tug pilot Bruce Armstrong and Andrew Acchione, son of the pilot.