Tandem Certification Under Review by HPAC

Jon Lovering, Prairies Director on the HPAC Board, is leading a review by the HPAC Board of the Tandem Pilot Certification. A detailed survey of all tandem pilots was recently conducted to get tandem pilot input and address their concerns on issues related to tandem-specific certification and curriculum, frequency of recertification, safety and related issues, with a very high response rate.

Numerous tandem pilots have indicated their interest in participating in a Working Group to recommend changes to the Standard Operating Procedures of the Association as they relate to tandem certification. The Council of Senior Instructors will be consulted before final recommendations are made to the Board of Directors. In many ways, introductory tandem instructional flights are the most public face of our sport and this is a major initiative to make sure HPAC/ACVL’s Tandem certifications are among the best in our sport worldwide.