Stewart’s Story

Stewart on his rst hang glider high ight, at King Mountain, Québec near Ottawa, Ontario, 30 December 1974 Photo: Barry Meabry

Dear fellow free flyers,

Some of you may have already seen the following article in Cross Country Magazine 178, but “Stewart’s Story” is not to be missed by those who aren’t subscribers to “XC Mag”. We have received permission to repost this article for the HPAC community. It highlights one of Canada’s most recognized and involved pilots, Stewart Midwinter. Stewart is currently HPAC’s records keeper and FAI/CIVL delegate and is often called upon for his meteorological knowledge for events nationally and internationally. He has taken part in and extensively contributed to the sport since the early beginnings though and his passion for it tangibly soars on to this day. Please read the enclosed article and reflect, get awestruck or simply take in, Stewart’s Story!

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