International Competition Funding

FAI/PWC/Red Bull International competition funding

Funding is available to qualified HG and PG pilots going to FAI (XC or acro) championships, World Cup Superfinals, and the Red Bull X-Alps.  These are elite competitions with rigorous selection criteria; few pilots are accepted into such competitions.  Funding is meant to partially offset the costs of attending these ~2-week competitions and is directed at expenses such as airfares, entry fees, and tow fees.

Pilots must be members of HPAC.  Pilots are eligible for funding for 1 comp per fiscal year; pilots attending an FAI championships and a PWC Superfinal in the same year cannot get funding for both.  HPAC and the Competition Chair will arrange for funding, and eligible pilots will be notified after attendance is confirmed.  Funding will be given AFTER the competition is finished.  Funding is dependent on HPAC’s annual budget.

For more information contact the Competition Committee.