Guidelines for holding HPAC-sanctioned competitions in Canada

All participants must be HPAC members in good standing.  Out-of-country pilots must take out temporary HPAC membership.

The Meet Director must ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for all competitors, as well as for general public spectators.

The Meet Director must take reasonable steps to promote safety and reduce HPAC’s liability at HPAC-insured sites:

    • No drugs or alcohol on HPAC-insured sites.
    • Spectators must be kept a reasonable distance away from the launch and landing areas.

The Meet Director must make available a dedicated competition website with relevant information and the capacity for this website to be updated  as needed (daily results, photos, etc).

The Meet Director will take opportunities to showcase HPAC branding in photos, videos, podium winners, etc.  HPAC has banners and feathers for this purpose, which will be made available to comp organizers.

Funding is available from HPAC for up to 5 sanctioned B and C comps in Canada per year.  As well, funding is available from HPAC for 2 Nationals per year (one Hang Gliding and one Paragliding).  Organizers need to follow the guidelines listed above and have at least 10 pilots registered.  To organize a sanctioned comp or for more information, contact the Competition Committee.