X-Contest Canada: Logging Your Flights

By Mark Dowsett

I started the XCanada National Contest in 2012 as an early adopter of the National contests offered by XContest internationally. I think it is a really fun way spark some friendly rivalry between friends but more-so, it is a fantastic learning tool to see exactly what your flying friend did differently on any given flying day from you and how it resulted in a different flight than yours. I have a feed on the National contest so I get notified daily on XC flights posted across the country.

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HPAC/ACVL Insurance has been renewed… Landowner Certificates available soon

We are happy to report that our third-party liability insurance has been renewed by our insurer for the period March 1, 2022 to February 28, 2023, with the same coverage in place as currently. The new summary of the coverage (the binder), will be placed on the website as soon as it is available at https://www.hpac.ca/pilots/insurance-program/.

Clubs and pilots can send in applications (PDF) now on behalf of landowners who would like to be added as Additional Insured to our policy. Certificates will be sent directly to the landowners and applicants will be advised by the Office once landowners have received the certificates.

Two new Board members on the HPAC/ACVL Board of Directors

Dave McDonald of Yukon and Sandra Ducasse of Quebec have joined the Board of Directors. Sandra is a long time PG instructor in Quebec and will represent Quebec pilots, and Dave McDonald is an active member of the Yukon flying community, residing in Dawson City. Welcome to both and an advance thank you to both for volunteering their time for the next two years on the Board of Directors of the Association.

Hang Glider Pilot Numbers around the World

By Toni Maehr, Action Sports, Lichtenstein

Now the time has come that we know approximately how many hang glider pilots there are around the world.The numbers (PDF) are based on information from national associations, clubs and/or pilots. Enjoy and happy landings. 

Pilots planning Attendance at FAI Cat 1 or 2 Competition in 2022

Now is the ideal time to get a 2022 Sporting License if pilots plan to attend any FAI Cat 1 or Cat 2 competition, or plan to make any international record attempts in 2022. The sporting license
is valid for the entire calendar year. Here is the link to the application.

Call for Meet Organizers for Hang Gliding, Paragliding and Accuracy

By J.P. Robert Vandenbegine, Chair, HPAC/ACVL Competition Committee

If you are planning to organize a National or regional event in 2022 (competition, fly-in, etc.) and would like to obtain organizational or financial support, please contact the HPAC Competition Committee at competition@hpac.ca before March 15.  Do not hesitate to contact us even if your project is not yet finalized.  Have a great 2022 flying season.

Call for Award Nominations

Every year HPAC/ACVL honors pilot members, landowners, long-term volunteers to our sport and others who have contributed to the sport of hang gliding and paragliding. The awards can be found here (PDF).

Please help HPAC/ACVL recognize the major contributions of service to our sport. Please send your nominations together with a short blurb outlining the contributions of your nominee to the Office no later than March 1, 2022.