New HPAC Instructional body Council of Senior Instructors (CSI)

The first ever in-person meeting of all HPAC Senior Instructors from across Canada took place in November of 2012 and resulted in the formation of the Senior Instructors Council, replacing the old Instructional Advisory Committee.

CSI’s first mandate was a comprehensive overhaul of all ratings, Beginner to Advanced, hang gliding and paragliding, and all related examinations, which are now being used by instructors across Canada. Changes were also made to all the related forms on the website to reflect the new rating structure and the special skill sign-offs that were added to each rating.

The CSI is continuing its work 2013-2014 by reviewing the requirements for Instructor and Tandem Endorsement and for Senior Instructor, with a recommendation expected to go to the Board of Directors later in spring of 2014.

As well, Senior Instructor Colleen Varcoe is engaged in a process that will lead to a Code of Ethics for Instructors, after consultation with Senior Instructors, Instructors and the Board of Directors.

Updating and monitoring of the ratings structure is an ongoing task and CSI will be seeking input from all instructors on a continuing basis. A special Bulletin on Instruction will go to all current instructors later this spring.