Message from the President Bruce Busby

Hello members and friends,

As we wind down the Canadian summer flying season, I wanted to say a quick hello and let you know what’s been happening with the HPAC this year.  We started the year off with a sad farewell to our friend and President Dom.  The dedication ceremony was beautiful and moving.

I spent the year traveling from BC, Alberta, and Quebec to enjoy the flying and camaraderie across this great country.  Both our HG and PG nationals were hampered by weather but we made the best of it, as we always do.  The Willi was very well attended with some great flights again this year.  Planning is already underway for next years’ competitions.

Your Board of Directors has been dealing with the normal challenges we face as well as a few new ones this year.  On our radar is our insurance policy.  We’ve been seeking to have the minors exclusion lifted so our younger free-flight enthusiasts can join in our flying activities.  That work continues and it is a top priority for us at the moment.  We’ll also be making a few announcements for new and exciting initiatives.  It’s too soon to announce just yet but we’ll keep you all posted as they mature.

If you’re still having great flying weather, I hope you get out to enjoy it.  If you’re planning a winter getaway, safe travels, great flights.

Bruce Busby
HPAC President
Regional Director for Alberta