Fellow Competition Pilots and Event Organizers

The bidding process is now open for the Canadian Paragliding and Hang Gliding Nationals 2018. If you want to organize a Nationals competition, you can send in your bid before February 15th 2018 to competition@hpac.ca.

All bids should include information such as:

  • Event location and dates
  • Organizing team or person
  • Staff such as meet director, safety director etc if assigned
  • Entry fee
  • Website for registration or other means of registration.
  • Maximum pilots registration
  • Type of launch and race format
  • Local info such as hotel, camping etc.

Competition rules need to match the Canadian Competition rule book.

Also FAI sanctioning should be pursued (Cat. II)

At the completion of the bidding process, the competition committee will send recommendations to the BoD of HPAC for awarding event venues.

Eric Olivier
HPAC Competition Committee Chair