CSI Meeting Yields Strong Results

The 2nd National Meeting of the CSI, a three-day face-to-face work marathon by Senior Instructors in November, has yielded important results for pilots and for the Association. A number of projects are in the final stages of completion and, after review by the Board at its upcoming Annual Directors Meeting, will be widely publicized to all member pilots and instructors / tandem instructors.

Among the new developments are:

  • A National Curriculum for Instructor Certification and Recertification
  • A National Tandem Endorsement Curriculum and Recertification
  • In-depth Reviews of, and changes to, P1-P4 and H1-H4 Pilot Ratings and Exams
  • P2 and H2 Pilot Training Logbooks
  • A Paragliding Study Guide
  • Review of Requirements for Retaining Senior Instructor Certification
  • An Instructor Code of Conduct

And thank you to instructors and tandem instructors for input through the pre-meeting survey. Stay tuned.