New HPAC/ACVL Senior Instructor appointed

Randy Rauck has been appointed as the newest Senior Instructor of HPAC/ACVL by the Board of Directors at its recent December 2021 virtual meeting. Randy has a long history in the sport and is the owner/operator of the Lumby Flight Park in Lumby BC, which offers instruction in both hang gliding and paragliding.

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Two new Tandem II instructors

Mark Dowsett in Ontario and Kevin Fischer in Alberta have both achieved their TII status.

Mark Dowsett is a Senior Hang Gliding Instructor in Kitchener, Ontario, and Kevin Fischer is a Hang Gliding Instructor just west of Red Deer, Alberta. Congratulations to both of these veteran instructors.

New HPAC Safety Committee Chair named

Jacqualyn Pichette of Lumby BC has been named the new Chair of the HPAC Safety Committee by the Board of Directors. She will be joined by a number of pilots from across Canada. More information about the Committee, its members and its work will be published in the next newsletter.

The Benefits of Flying in Competitions, Part 2: Learning and Mastering the Use of instruments

By Robert Vandenbegine, Chair of HPAC Competition Committee

In the previous article (Has competition changed the way I fly cross-country?), I mentioned the advantages of flying in a group, so here I’ll talk about instruments and show how through competition, I was forced to learn and master certain features.  A good pilot with a good wing will be less efficient in flight if he does not master his instruments.

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