Timely Ratings Submissions

Request to Instructors and pilots: Once ratings have been earned by pilots, they should be submitted and recorded within one month of completion by the pilot. Instructors, please submit your students’ ratings promptly, and pilots, if you do not see your ratings credited to your file on the HPAC/ACVL website, please contact your instructor to ask that they be submitted.

Ratings Extravaganza

Pilots across the country, who are unrated or student (Beginner) rated, are now upgrading their ratings to a minimum P2 or H2 rating in large numbers. In 2016, fully 15% of our pilot members were unrated. A number of those were on track to complete their ratings in 2017. Others were experienced pilots who have been flying since before there were ratings and others had started their training but never completed it. The new requirements recommended by the Council of Senior Instructors and endorsed by the Board of Directors in 2016 are now in effect with unrated and Beginner pilots being required to get an instructor’s signature on their application in order to be able to renew their membership and to make a plan to upgrade.

Similar to other branches of aviation, the objective is to be able to demonstrate that HG and PG pilots in Canada are trained pilots. This is important risk management for the landowners of our sites and for our insurer as well as a signal to Transport Canada and the general public about the serious and professional conduct and self-governance of our sport. Thank you to pilots and instructors for their cooperation in the collective upgrading of our membership to rated status.

Competitions, XC and Minimum Ratings

Currently there does not exist a minimum rating requirement for participating in any HPAC/ACVL sanctioned competitions that are by definition cross-country task events nor to claim Canadian Records through the XContest.

At its annual meeting, the Board of Directors considered a proposal from a Senior Instructor that the requirements for flying XC in HPAC/ACVL sanctioned competitions or to claim records in the XContest, be brought in line with the minimum P3 and H3 rating requirements for flying XC in SOP 410 Pilot Ratings .

The Board approved the proposal, which will not kick in until the 2018 competition season, to allow pilots planning on participating in 2018 sanctioned competitions to upgrade to a minimum P3 or H3.

Two New Master Ratings Awarded 2015

Congratulations go out to two new Master-rated pilots, Hang Glider pilots Ross Hunter of Calgary and Randy Rauck of Lumby, BC. The Master rating awarded by the Board of Directors is the highest rating in our sport. It is a distinction awarded to pilots who have not only excelled as pilots, but who have also been strong citizens and volunteers in our Association as well as their local clubs. The criteria for a Master rating can be seen at SOP 410.

Other HPAC awards for 2015: Congratulations to all!
Solid Ground Award to Landowners Bert Duncan, Harrison Mills, BC, Produits d’Antoine, Saint-Antoine-sur-Richelieu, QC, and John McIsaac, Canmore, AB, for their indispensable provision of valued flying sites.
Michael Robertson Instructor of the Year Award to Jacques Blanchet, Saint-Antoine-sur-Richelieu, QC, for excellence in instruction at his school Voiles 4 Saisons.
Cliff Kakish Award to Nicole McLearn for outstanding volunteer service as HPAC Competition Chair.
Jamie Christensen Memorial Award to Will Gadd for long-term achievement and advocacy for the sport of hang gliding and paragliding worldwide.

The NTSS top rankings for 2015 for hang gliding and paragliding in Canada will be announced later this fall.