2021 AGM Advance Notice

Dear Members,

This has certainly been a year of surprises and disappointments across Canada. As most of the country emerges from the third wave of COVID and we see the restrictions loosening once more, international travel and tourism is still very limited.

As a surprising side-effect of most Canadians staying at home we have seen our membership rise to record levels, approaching 1200 as I’m writing this. We are seeing significant activity in new pilot training and some pilots have been returning to the sport. We ask all members to continue to be aware of and comply with all local requirements and recommendations related to resumption of business and social gatherings Hopefully with expanded vaccine coverage we can look forward to the possibility of flying trips in 2022.

From Friday, May 28 to Sunday, June 6 inclusive, HPAC is conducting its 2021 Annual General Meeting online.

AGM Discussion

Members will be invited to ask questions related to the AGM either using the official HPAC Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/hpac.acvl.members) or by email to agm@hpac.ca.

Requiring your Vote

    1. Approval of the 2020-2021 Financial Statements
    2. Selection of the Accounting Firm conducting the Review of the Financial Statements

Relevant Links will be provided at the beginning of the AGM on Friday, May 28.

Thank you in advance for participating in the 2021 Annual General Meeting.

Nick Jones,
President, HPAC/ACVL