School Profile: High Perspective (Locust Hill, Ontario)

We are celebrating 50 years teaching Hang Gliding full time and, to a lesser degree, Paragliding. For the first 25 years we taught HG and, later, PG using the 100-ft-high ‘mount garbage’ called Centennial Park in Toronto). Since then, we’ve been exclusively a stationary winch Flight Park. The hydrostatic, hydraulic winch revolutionized our operation. It is the easiest, most reliable and most versatile form of towing. Using a huge stable glider we start beginners solo; low and slow, within a few feet of the ground. Our current graduates usually get more air time on their final 500 ft flight than we were able to get them in an entire course at the hill. With the same winch we can tow experienced HG&PG pilots routinely to 1500 – 2500 ft. Employing ‘step towing’ our highest tow was just shy of 5000 ft. We are mainly a HG operation and we have a few PGing regulars. We are always looking for dedicated apprentice and certified instructors.

Visiting students and rated pilots easily learn and adjust to this launch method. Our field is 40 acres of mowed grass 10 min. East of Markham and/or North of Pickering. We have barns for storage, a clubhouse, a couple of camper-trailers and an office. We fly 7 days a week from shortly after dawn ‘til sunset from early April ‘til mid November, weather permitting. We are surrounded by 40,000 acres of ag. land, the Rouge National Urban Park, and the Green Belt.

Michael Robertson, the owner-chief instructor, enjoys the privilege of living nearby. He had the good fortune to fly for a few films, including Fly Away Home. Flying off the CN Tower in 88 to launch the Diet Pepsi Taste Drive was a dream-come-true. It’s been a joy being able to earn a living doing what he loves.

Submitted by Michael Robertson, Senior Instructor