To fly a Hang Glider or a Paraglider you take lessons. There is no "grabbing one and go". There are plenty of good schools and instructors, to which you will find links on this web site. From these lessons you will not only learn how to begin to fly, and some theory of flight, but you will learn about where and when to go to fly. You will also meet other pilots, both beginners like yourself, and more experienced. Amongst these people, you may very well be meeting new and long lasting friends.

It is also vital to understand that HPAC insurance covers third party liability for Students and Tandem Students only while under instruction from HPAC Certified Schools and instructors.

As a student, you need to know that someone who is projecting themselves as an instructor actually is one.

As an instructor, it is vital that you are properly rated, both to ensure that you know what you are doing, and to ensure that you and your students will be covered by the HPAC insurance policy.

Certified Instructors

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