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NameCity, Province, CountryMem #Mem ExpiresHAGAR #HG RatingPG RatingClub
Jarrod AvalosVancouver, BC, Canada618328-Jul-2020  2 Novice TS
Simon BeaumontVancouver, BC, Canada469420-Jun-20205802-512006 4 Advanced TS CR T
Michael BobickVancouver, BC, Canada468221-Aug-2019  3 Intermediate TS
Clive ChappleVancouver, BC, Canada623427-Aug-2019
Jesse CraneVancouver, BC, Canada41652-Jan-2020  3 Intermediate TS
Andre DaigneaultLangley, BC, Canada504911-Feb-2020  2 Novice
James "Jim" DeLaHuntVancouver, BC, Canada46929-Mar-2020
Baptiste DéthuneKitimat, BC, Canada622926-Aug-2019  2 Novice TS
Lenny GodardNanaimo, BC, Canada61688-Jul-2019
Marc JonesVancouver, BC, Canada41611-Apr-2020
Regimantas LauceviciusVancouver, BC, Canada59643-Feb-2020  2 Novice
Stein MyhrstadNorth Vancouver, BC, Canada329914-Apr-20205802-267919
Dylan NorbergBurnaby, BC, Canada632527-Oct-2019  2 Novice
Gilbert PattersonSydney, , Australia623527-Aug-2019  2 Novice TS
Stefan "Captain" PiaseckiNorth Vancouver, BC, Canada328228-Jun-20205802-500512
Johnathan RowsomWest Vancouver, BC, Canada545628-Mar-2020  2 Novice TS
Dion VukDelta, BC, Canada197523-Apr-20205802-788731 Advanced TS CR T
Ian WinterVancouver, BC, Canada583127-Apr-2020  2 Novice
Nina WolfVancouver, BC, Canada618428-Jul-2019  2 Novice TS
Tal WolfVancouver, BC, Canada583317-Jul-20195802-516237 4 Advanced TS CR


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