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NameCity, Province, CountryMem #Mem ExpiresHAGAR #HG RatingPG RatingClub
Rolando Almaques CobasVernon, BC, Canada597310-Nov-2019  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Carey AustermanRossland, BC, Canada596126-Mar-2020  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Alfred M. BeattyCalgary, Ab, Canada475925-Jul-2019  NoviceParaglide Canada
Chris BrayCALGARY, Ab, Canada474423-Jun-2019  3 Intermediate TS CR T SIVParaglide Canada
Richard BruneauColdstream, BC, Canada490125-Jul-20195802-512005 4 Advanced TS CR T SIVOSA, Paraglide Canada
Ashley BurnsCalgary, Ab, Canada463726-Mar-2020  3 Intermediate TS CR SIVParaglide Canada
Jason DyckVernon, BC, Canada585723-Jul-2019  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Timothy GiesbrechtKelowna, BC, Canada463616-Jun-2020  NoviceOSA, Paraglide Canada
Charles GoreCourtenay, BC, Canada517925-Jul-2019  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Robert GrantWinnipeg, Mb, Canada472931-Oct-2019  3 Intermediate TS CRMHGA, Paraglide Canada
Christopher HiebertSummerland, BC, Canada528816-Feb-2020  2 Novice TS CROSA, Paraglide Canada, SOAR
Douglas HoeschleKelowna, BC, Canada627420-Sep-2019  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Patrick HughesKelowna, BC, Canada570920-Nov-2019  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Brian HuntGolden, BC, Canada626519-Sep-2019  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Tim KeoganSaskatoon, Sk, Canada547020-Jun-2020  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Frank KernickCanmore, Ab, Canada15875-Mar-20205802-471046 4 Advanced TS CR SIVColumbia Valley Hang Gliding And Paragliding Society, Paraglide Canada
Kristopher KernickCanmore, Ab, Canada41175-Mar-2020  NoviceParaglide Canada
Norman "ParaNorm" KrcmarKelowna, BC, Canada498927-Jul-20195802-512037 4 Advanced TS CR SIVGrouse Mountain Flying Team, OSA, Paraglide Canada, WCSC
Jason LafreniereCalgary, Ab, Canada526312-Mar-2020  2 Novice TSParaglide Canada
David LongshawFernie, BC, Canada623627-Aug-2019  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Trevor MacMurrayVernon, BC, Canada53843-Jun-2020CH446060 4 Advanced TS CR SIVParaglide Canada
Paul MaillouxArmstrong, BC, Canada53481-Feb-2020  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada, TVSC
Tammy MarianoLocorotondo, , Italy52906-Jun-2020  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Jeremy MasonLumby, BC, Canada37965-May-20205802-514117 3 Intermediate TS CR SIVOSA, Paraglide Canada
Scott MeikleKamloops, BC, Canada464223-Jun-2019  NoviceOSA, Paraglide Canada
Kegan MunroSaskatoon, Sk, Canada540814-Jun-2020  2 Novice TS TParaglide Canada
Richard NashFort McMurray, Ab, Canada63381-Nov-2019  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Jordan NelsonSalmon Arm, BC, Canada629329-Sep-2019  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Marshall NeufeldPenticton, BC, Canada61658-Jul-2019  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Andreas NowatzkiGolden, BC, Canada452330-Nov-2019  NoviceParaglide Canada
Cathy OlsenSaskatoon , Sk, Canada547120-Jun-2020  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Stuart PatersonCanmore, Ab, Canada640422-May-2020  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Travis PhilipPenticton, BC, Canada56232-Jan-2020  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Rhonda PrestonKelowna, BC, Canada60068-Sep-2019  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Todd PrestonKelowna, BC, Canada589315-Jul-2019  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Hunter PritchardToronto, On, Canada628124-Sep-2019  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Robert PugsleyFernie, BC, Canada56365-Jun-20205802-516267 3 Intermediate TS CR SIVColumbia Valley Hang Gliding And Paragliding Society, OSA, Paraglide Canada, WCSC
Sarah Marie PullmanCanmore, Ab, Canada59588-Jun-2020  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Edmond "Eddy" RivereColdstream, BC, Canada120730-Jun-20205802-786356 AdvancedOSA, Paraglide Canada
John RobinsVancouver, BC, Canada619328-Jul-2019  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Michael RogersonSurrey, BC, Canada527723-Apr-2020  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Karin SandstromSurrey, BC, Canada36891-Jan-20205802-501073 IntermediateBCHPA, Deimos Paragliding Flight School, HPAC, Paraglide Canada, WCSC
Jerry SchaeferNanaimo, BC, Canada361920-Mar-2020  NoviceParaglide Canada
Randy SmithVictoria, BC, Canada62541-Sep-2019  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Randy StevensRossland, BC, Canada560328-Apr-2020CPL CA268864 2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Aurelien SudanNelson, BC, Canada559621-Mar-2020  3 Intermediate TS CRBCHPA, FlyBC Airsports Paragliding, HPAC, Paraglide Canada, WCSC
Alexander G. Van der WeerdToronto, On, Canada538123-Sep-2019  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Chris WagnerPrince George, BC, Canada586512-Jun-2020  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada
Chris WilsonHigh River, Ab, Canada19956-Mar-2020PU473790 3 Intermediate TS CR SIVParaglide Canada
Karie WilsonHigh River, Ab, Canada527831-Mar-2020  2 Novice TS CRParaglide Canada


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