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NameCity, Province, CountryMem #Mem ExpiresHAGAR #HG RatingPG RatingClub
Delvaux ArnaudSt-Joachim-de-Montmorency, Qc, Canada474519-Jun-2020  2 Novice TS CRAerostyle
Samuel BéginBeauport, Qc, Canada646716-Jul-2020  -Aerostyle
Deny BilodeauLaval, Qc, Canada38131-Oct-20195802-911342 AdvancedAerostyle
Pierric CiguineauSt Famille, Qc, Canada450427-May-2020  2 Novice TS CRAerostyle
Alexandre CoulombeQuébec, Qc, Canada65478-Aug-2020  -Aerostyle
Patrick DubéQuebec, Qc, Canada49818-Jul-2020  NoviceAerostyle
Bruno GagnonLac-Beauport, Qc, Canada647119-Jul-2020  -Aerostyle
Pier-Luc GagnonQuébec, Qc, Canada64598-Jul-2020  -Aerostyle
Melanie HoudeSt-Ferreol-les-Neiges, Qc, Canada37256-Jun-20205802-917171 3 Intermediate TS CRAerostyle
René MarionSt-Ferreol-Les-Neiges, Qc, Canada54928-May-20205802-733299 Master TS CR T SIVAerostyle
Patrick NoletQuebec, Qc, Canada508614-Jun-2020  2 Novice TS CRAerostyle
Pascal OgezQuebec, Qc, Canada458214-Sep-2019  NoviceAerostyle
Serge ParraQuébec, Qc, Canada591621-Jul-2020  2 Novice TS CRAerostyle
Maxime PelletierShannon, Qc, Canada648628-Jul-2020  -Aerostyle
Paul PiloteQuebec, Qc, Canada297328-Jul-2020  NoviceAerostyle
Bernard PrescottSt-Félix-De-Valois, Qc, Canada131118-May-2020p935200115 AdvancedAerostyle
Dominic ProvostRepentigny, Qc, Canada655613-Aug-2020  -Aerostyle


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