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Hang Gliding and Paragliding Standings

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Competitions can be divided into three basic categories. They are international competitions sanctioned by the CIVL, HPAC/ACVL sanctioned competitions and other Canadian and international competitions.

International Competitions Sanctioned by the CIVL

Canadian pilots may attend international competitions sanctioned by the CIVL in order to get points towards an international ranking. These types of competitions are addressed in the FAI Sporting Code, Section 7 .

In order for pilots to qualify for points towards an international ranking, they must have a FAI sporting license.

Please complete the form and mail to The Aero Club of Canada. The address is at the top of the form. Enclose the fee of $50 payable to The Aero Club of Canada. If you require the sporting license quickly, please send by express post and enclose an addressed prepaid express post envelope for quick return.

Make sure that you have filled out HPAC membership and rating information on the form.

If you have any questions, please email the HPAC office at log in for email link

The World championships are special international competition. The maximum number of Canadian competitor is set by the FAI and the Canadian Team selection is based on the Canadian ranking of the pilots interested in entering world championships.

HPAC/ACVL Sanctioned competitions

HPAC/ACVL sanctioned competitions are addressed in the HPAC Competition Rule Book . Pilots participating in HPAC/ACVL sanctioned competitions can earn points towards a Canadian ranking.

Other International and Canadian Competitions

There are many fun international and Canadian competitions. These competitions are relaxed affairs where the social aspect often overshadow the competition.

Forms in support of Competitions Directors

Running a competition is a lot of work. The following forms have been produced to assist competition directors.

Competition Documents

Note: The Adobe® Acrobat® Reader* software is required in order to view, navigate and print PDF files. The software is available free of charge from the Adobe® site .

Application for Organizing a Canadian National Competition
Release of Liability Waiver for Competitions (New)
Please note that event organisers use this form entirely on their own responsibility, and are strongly urged first to check its compatibility with national and provincial laws.
[ Substitute your own details for items in "red".]

HPAC Competition Rule Book
For the following items, refer to the FAI website for more information.
  • General Sporting Code and Specific Code Sections
  • Practical Guidelines for Organisers
  • CIVL IPPI Rating Cards
  • All other FAI related content
Schedule “A”: Task Information, Daily Score Sheet, Final Results, Points Chart
Landing Form (Two Examples)
(See FAI Task Declaration Form)
Weather / Daily Task Board (Example)
NOTAM / Special Aviation Events Application Guide and Forms
Event Entry Form (Example)
Types of Competition
Local Meet Rules
Site Development Guidelines
Official Observer Appointment
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