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Pilots wishing to challenge old records and set new ones in a number of categories are invited to familiarize themselves with the following information:
As of July 2015, Record Pre-flight Declarations and Post-flight Record claims are now submitted electronically using the form at or this embedded form:

FAI Pilots's Sporting Licence Application (Found on the forms page).

FAI / CIVL Forms and Links
IGC Approved Flight Recorders
Approved Instruments for Badges
How to set a Record

Observer's training manual
Observers Self Test


Muller Windsports have been publishing a Canadian Hang Gliding Cross Country Log since 1984. Flights have been collected from competition results and pilots who have sent in their yearly XC flights at the end of each season. The lists have been published in their Spring Newsletter. Paragliding XC flights have been compiled and published since 1990. Where possible they have added information on notable flights to these lists. These lists give the history of Cross Country Flights in Canada.

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