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Fellow Pilots,

I’m sure you are as happy as I that the isolation requirements are relaxing to the point where most of us will be able to fly again. Please make sure you review local restrictions and regulations for your flying site as they may not be the same as where you live; failing to comply with emergency orders can result in a costly fine. Flying is a privilege and we have a shared responsibility to be respectful of landowners, schools, flight parks and clubs and follow any rules or guidelines they may have. Your fellow pilots will have varying levels of comfort with proximity to each other, wearing face coverings etc. As you interact with other pilots please remember this is a time of increased stress due to financial difficulties, social isolation and disruption of routines; a little empathy goes a long way. Please remember that your freedom to choose the precautions you follow ends where it meets the right of another person to reasonable protection against contracting the virus. By following recommended precautions we should be able to limit the spread of the virus to levels that avoid the need for tighter isolation measures. Like the weather, the virus is a force of nature that we cannot directly control, but we can make good decisions and minimize the risk.

Nick Jones
President, HPAC/ACVL

Published: May 11, 2020

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