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Rod Regier, 2020 Canadian World Team Leader, HG Sport Class
HPAC # 5108

The Sport Class in hang gliding competitions is open to pilots flying king-posted gliders. These are generally intermediate rated hang gliders with lower performance than so-called "topless" gliders with no above the wing rigging.

The World Sport Class Championships is open to pilots as follows:

  1. They must not have finished in the top 2/3rd's of a non-Sport Class Category 1 competition held since January 2014 (Tyler B. is not eligible! 😃 Tyler Borradaile is the top-ranked Canadian pilot who placed 11th in the Open Class at the 2019 World Hang Gliding Championships in Italy!)
  2. They are required to have at least 1 Worlds Pilot Ranking System (WPRS) point in the last 36 months (earliest date in January 1, 2017). That is, they must be a member of HPAC/ACVL, which is in turn a member of the Aero Club of Canada, and they must have flown in an FAI-sanctioned competition in that class.
  3. They must have flown in a competition with at least 15 pilots participating (including all classes).

That is, sport class pilots are generally, but not exclusively, Intermediate H3 level pilots with some cross-country experience.

The pilots registered with the Canadian team have accumulated their WPRS points by flying in the US National series held in Florida and Texas for the last couple of years.

The purpose of the sport class in HG competition is to encourage intermediate pilot development, particularly in the area of cross-country flying, and to provide a pathway to the development of advanced pilots. It also supports the goal of building a global community of hang glider pilots.

The 2020 Worlds in Groveland Florida will have 70+ pilots flying in 4 classes: women's class 1 (open), sport class, rigid wing class 2 (Swift - 3 axis control) and rigid wing class 5 (Atos - weightshift control). Competition information can be found at

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