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2007 - April 4

Links Author Comments
The Confidential Accident Reporting System Fred Wilson
Airpace Changes in Canada Fred Wilson Victor Airway and Class E base altitude changes
An Alternate View - Risk Management
A Must Read on accident prevention. Top of my list
Bob Weien
Permission to print from
SSA: Soaring USA
Haddon's Matrix - an Investigative Review process which divides a single crash into
a) Pre-crash, crash and post-crash phases
b) Human, Vehicle and Environmental Factors
A System of Landing Scores
Canadian Aviation Regulations Transport Canada Hang Gliding Excerpts
Climbing Safety & Testing Information Alpine Club of Canada
Clouds Fred Wilson
Cross Country Safety Andrew Barber-Starkey
and Martin Henry
Safety Tips for our favorite pastime. Includes:
Competition and XC Planning Tips
Drogue Chutes
Planning and Hosting an Event - Guidelines and Safety Procedures BCHPA Hints, tips and useful forms for competition management
Hang Gliders & Controlled Airspace HGFA #34101 A fictional account of a possible event
Hang Glider Maintenance Mark Dale,
Angus Pinkerton
Preventative maintenance
Helicopter Spine Board Planform - (pdf) Make your own spineboard
Hit That Spot - (pdf) Tom Jensen Visual Glide Angle Reference
HPAC Club Flight Safety Officer Guide (v1) - (pdf)Andr� Nadeau
1-866-WX-BRIEF Nav Canada FIC Advanced Pilot Weather Briefing (Free)
and FSS HAGAR Flight Notification
METAR Study Guide
Aviation Weather Forcast Decode Pamphlet
METAR Guide d'�tude
- Messages m�t�orologiques r�guliers pour l'aviation
Paragliding Educational Links and Topics Pacific Northwest Paraglider Club
Parachute Deployment and Repack Page
A large and Excellent selection of articles on
Reserve Parachutes by Betty Pfeiffer, Rob Kells and others.
Pre-Flight Checks Ricky Tarr Point by Point Hang Glider Inspection Check List
Radio Information Fred Wilson Radio Frequencies and usage in Canada.
Radio Lingo Fred Wilson Radio Frequencies and usage in Canada
Ramp Design Guidelines Fred Wilson Building and improving Ramps
Reel Pilots Association
Site - Emergency Information Form - (pdf)
Speed to Fly Theory J. D. Burch Great article and diagrams.
The Golden Hour BCEHS Helicopter Air Evacuation Protocols
Trees Ricky Tarr Tree Rescue & Tree Rescue Kit
USHGA (Safety) Articles There is some good stuff there, not to mention some of their accident stats
Water Landing Clinics Various clubs The do's and don'ts of extricating yourself from harness and glider
Weather To Fly Video Clips /
Version Francais
TOWING Links and References Order From: Comments
HPAC Towing Procedures Manual
Lockouts James Freeman
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Taming the Beast
About Lockouts and what to do about them.
NZ AERO Tow Manual - (pdf) If link doesn't work, you can download - (pdf) it from the HPAC site
Reel Pilots: Towing On-line - Towards the bottom of the page. Peter Birren Email: log in for email link The Towing Home Page
Towing Aloft

Dennis Pagan and Bill Bryden
Email: log in for email link
Issued Jan 1998

The Ultimate HG / PG
Aerotow Resource

A Detailed Manual for Instructors and Tow Operators.
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