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The Launch | December 2018

Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association of Canada (HPAC)


On behalf of all members, I extend our thanks to the individuals who let their names stand in the recent elections.
I am happy to welcome new board members: Tyler Gillies from British Columbia, Jon Lovering from the Prairie Region (Saskatchewan/Manitoba) and Brendon McKenna from the Maritimes.
I am grateful for the volunteer efforts of the Directors who are completing their BoD service as well as the other volunteers on the various HPAC committees, who continue to donate their valuable time to HPAC.
On another subject, I'm sure many of you are aware of the accident videos that circulated in late November, with two of them being picked up by Canada’s national news services. While these accidents did not occur in Canada, similar accidents have happened here. We, the global flying community, must never forget that our safety depends on continued diligence in our equipment inspections, personal readiness and preflight checks.
Winter is the off-season for many pilots, but is an excellent time to inspect and clean our gear. Now is also the ideal time for repairs before winter flying trips or when spring brings the return of prime flying weather.
Happy holidays and safe flights!
Nick Jones


The Lumby Air Force Hang Gliding Museum is a large, worthy and important project.
We expect it could be a major attraction for tourists and new flyers as well.
We have our pole barn filled with many worthy artifacts and we are looking for more old Hang Gliders, Harnesses, Instruments, Videos, Photos, etc.
The plan is to construct a large high-ceiling building using 40 ft steel containers (to double as sealed storage for old gliders, parts and artifacts), stacked on each other, and build a sloped roof over them with a short training hill and a zip line for kids to fly off.
We are also looking for a great deal on 5 decent-condition-40 ft steel containers that can be delivered to the Freedom Flight Park.
Once the building is up we will have room for a lot of kooool old stuff!! A pile of good old HG artifacts has been offered from a HG museum in the Pacific North West of USA. We just need the containers to start storing it all and itemizing it.
Please spread the word.
Randy Rauck
250 307 7553



Bruce Busby is a life-long aviation enthusiast, private pilot since 1988, flying HGs since 1995 and PGs since 1998.  You may also know him for his work with OHPA, AHPA and later HPAC for 15 years as Alberta rep, V.P. and President till 2017. For a short time as HG tandem pilot, he loved the feeling of sharing the joy of free flight with other people. He is currently working on his PG tandem rating.
Tandem paragliding has a different meaning to him now since becoming aware of Chris Santacroce’s “Project Airtime” program (  ‘Santa’ has been developing a system of tandem and solo paragliding using a specially designed wheelchair/paragliding harness combination for people with physical mobility limitations. Bruce watched as two of his long time Canadian pilot friends, Stewart Midwinter and Dannie Wolf, took to the air with Santa a few years ago. He couldn’t believe the smiles they both had!
Bruce is excited to get started on a program to help those with physical mobility issues get in the air here in Canada. It could include tandem flights, passenger flying, passenger training, passenger becoming the pilot, transitioning to independent solo pilot with the assistance of the chair to the extent that it’s possible and desirable.  Besides injured pilots, going forward this program can include others that have a desire but have been unable to participate in foot launched aviation.  Paralysis, mobility issues, age, cognition, genetic or degenerative issues and conditions, etc. can be minimized by the use of the chair.

Getting the project off the ground will require purchase of a new tandem wing, harnesses and reserve parachute.  Additionally, he proposes to order 2 chairs.  Bruce would also spend some time with Chris Santacroce and later Joe Stone for some chair specific tandem training, before bringing that knowledge back to share with other interested tandem pilots. All the equipment and training should total approx. $25,000 Cdn.

He needs help with this worthy venture, so has set up a GoFundMe campaign. If you think this is a good idea, you can read more and support Bruce’s “Chair Air” efforts with a donation by going here:

Randy Parkin
HPAC Vice-President and Alberta Rep


Your fellow pilots on the Board of Directors make all policy decisions that govern our Association and our sport in Canada. They have been elected by the pilots in each region, volunteer their time, and need your input. Pilots are encouraged to take their proposals and concerns to these fellow pilots on the Board, so that the Association can continue to evolve in its ongoing efforts to protect and advance the sport and its self-governance in Canada.
Continuing Board members in the middle of their two-year terms are Eric Olivier (Quebec), Steve Kurth (Yukon), and Randy Parkin (Alberta), currently serving as Vice-President. Nick Jones (Ontario), currently serving as HPAC President, was re-elected for another two-year term by Ontario pilots.
The new Board members elected in BC, Prairie Region and the Maritimes, Tyler Gillies, Jon Lovering and Brendon McKenna respectively, have very diverse backgrounds in our sport and will bring important new perspectives to the governance of your Association.
Here are their backgrounds in their own words: read more


HPAC has just now received the Jasper National Park Superintendent’s Report on the two-year trial period of allowing our sport in the park. The trial came about after years-long negotiation with Parks Canada officials in Ottawa, which led to a change in the National Park legislation, which previously prohibited our sport from all national parks.
Each individual national park’s superintendent, who has the final say in any specific park, could now be approached to allow the sport in their park. Jasper Park was the first to allow a trial after a detailed joint development of flight rules in the park ( between HPAC and Parks Canada staff in Jasper.
See the report here.
With this very positive report now in hand, we can demonstrate that our sport complements the other many activities that take place in our national parks today.
The long-term objective was not just Jasper, but to use this opportunity as a gateway to be able to negotiate with the other Mountain Parks and other parks across Canada, in which pilots have registered an interest.
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