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May 2016

Celebration for Domagoj Juretic
HPAC/ACVL President 2008-2016

Yamaska Flying Site, Québec

May 14-15, 2016

The HPAC Board of Directors would like to invite all pilots to the dedication ceremony in honour of our late President ‘Dom’ Domagoj Juretic at Mount Yamaska flying site. AQVL and HPAC have prepared a permanent plaque to be mounted on launch.

As many of you know, Dom was the HPAC Québec representative for 10 years; and President of the HPAC for 8 years. Dom suffered a massive heart attack in late December 2015. We said goodbye to him in Jan. 2016. Dom loved flying, loved pilots, loved people, loved Mt. Yamaska and loved a great party. It’s my hope that you’re able to attend the ceremonies planned for Sat. May 14, 2016 (Alternative weather day is Sunday May 15, 2016). It is my hope that we can join together, fill the launch area and feel the kinship that he so easily spread to all that met and knew Dom. The entire HPAC Board of Directors, along with Margit Nance (HPAC Executive Director), and a few committee members that he led with such style and grace will be in attendance. Updated information closer to the date will be available on HPAC’s Facebook page or from the National Office.

Bruce Busby
HPAC Vice President

AQVL Tribute to Dom Juretic

May 14-15, 2016

Domagoj was an exceptional person, filled with kindness and positive energy. Someone who knew how to get people together. AQVL and its members are very grateful for Domagoj leading the organization for 10 years while ensuring that it would continue to flourish for years to come. We are reaping today the seeds that he sowed through his vision. He left us way too soon and we miss him greatly.

In order to commemorate his life and contribution, AQVL and HPAC are co-organizing an event where one of the launches on Mont Yamaska will be inaugurated in Dom’s name. A commemorative plaque will be installed on the launch and will remain there permanently. Family and friends are invited to this special ceremony that will take place on top of Mt. Yamaska either on May 14th or 15th, 2016 according to weather. Stay tuned for the details about the event. We are hoping that conditions will be good on the day of the ceremony so that we can fly in this sky that Domagoj loved so much.

Christian Grenier,
AQVL President
Catherine Gagnon
AQVL Vice-President and Treasurer

Temporary Québec Director Appointment

The Board of Directors has asked Eric Olivier to serve out Dom Juretic’s remaining term. He has agreed to do so. In that capacity he will assist in the Board’s completion of Dom’s agenda, a large part of that being the documents coming out of the recent Senior Instructors’ Meeting, of which Eric was a part. At the conclusion of Dom’s term, the Québec Director position will be open to nomination by Québec members, as per HPAC’s Standard Operating Procedures.

CSI Meeting Yields Strong Results

The 2nd National Meeting of the CSI, a three-day face-to-face work marathon by Senior Instructors in November, has yielded important results for pilots and for the Association. A number of projects are in the final stages of completion and, after review by the Board at its upcoming Annual Directors Meeting, will be widely publicized to all member pilots and instructors / tandem instructors.

Among the new developments are:

  • A National Curriculum for Instructor Certification and Recertification
  • A National Tandem Endorsement Curriculum and Recertification
  • In-depth Reviews of, and changes to, P1-P4 and H1-H4 Pilot Ratings and Exams
  • P2 and H2 Pilot Training Logbooks
  • A Paragliding Study Guide
  • Review of Requirements for Retaining Senior Instructor Certification
  • An Instructor Code of Conduct

And thank you to instructors and tandem instructors for input through the pre-meeting survey. Stay tuned.

HPAC Makes Contribution to USHPA Insurance Program

The Board of Directors of HPAC has made a financial contribution to our sister organization in the United States, USHPA, during their efforts to develop a self-insurance program, given the recent loss of their insurance. USHPA and HPAC have developed very close ties as we share information and expertise on issues that are common to our two pilot memberships. For more information, please contact the HPAC Office.

New Accident Reporting Form and Process

Timely and consistent reporting of accidents and incidents is critical to the promotion of safe practices for our sport, as is learning from the experiences of other pilots for future accident prevention. A new confidential accident reporting form ( and experience-sharing process has been developed by Suzanne Francoeur and George Martin, HPAC’s Co-Chairs of Safety.

The narrative box from the report (top of the form), that is, the “what happened” part, will appear on a Safety Forum on the website. This latter piece is still in the final testing stage but will be available very shortly (more information to follow). The Forum will present only the “what happened” portion of the report so that pilot identity and other details remain confidential. Instructors / tandem instructors are reminded that accident reporting is mandatory.

“Flying Sisters” Documentary Film Greenlighted

A French-language film project featuring two Québec hang glider pilots, Catherine Gagnon and Camille Girard has been greenlighted by Telefilm Canada and Rogers Group of Funds to go into production. From Telefilm’s April 26 announcement:

“This feature-length documentary takes us into the world of hang-gliding through the story of Camille, 28, a mental-health worker and doctoral candidate in psychology, and Catherine, 35, a nurse practitioner, who combine their sport with a therapeutic health initiative.”

The women are unique in that they are two of only three women hang-glider pilots in Québec-proud representatives of a sport with few adherents. They are known as the "Flying Sisters." Production is expected to begin in Fall of 2016.

New HPAC HAGAR Study Guide Now Online

André Nadeau, HPAC’s Liaison with Transport Canada, has drafted a new HPAC HAGAR STUDY GUIDE to be found online at It now includes map work to reflect the kinds of knowledge tested for in the exam. There are a few tweaks still being made and member feedback is welcomed. All pilots are encouraged to take the HAGAR exam and it is a prerequisite for the Advanced rating.

HPAC Award Nominations Invited

At there is a listing of all HPAC National awards, together with the criteria for each award. These awards represent one way by which the flying community can recognize outstanding achievement and contribution to our sport. Please send any nominations for any specific award to Margit Nance at the HPAC National Office by no later than May 12, 2016.

Photographers and Images Urgently Needed

HPAC is in need of high-quality images for use in the 2017 HPAC calendar and on the current and upcoming websites, to best portray our beautiful sport. Images can be of any site in Canada as well as images showing Canadian pilots competing in international competitions. All images will of course be credited. Particularly needed are some images showing both wing types in the same photograph. Please contact the Office if you can help.

Reminder Regarding Paramotoring

Pilots are reminded that HPAC insurance covers only non-motorized hang gliding and paragliding. Powered paragliding is in the aircraft category of ultralight. Pilots are encouraged to seek out paramotoring instruction only from a Transport Canada-licensed ultralight instructor. HPAC instructor certification is not sufficient for paramotoring instruction.


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