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April 29, 2014

TO: All Hang Gliding and Paragliding pilots who intend on flying sites in the Crooked Lake area of the Qu’Appelle Valley.

As a result of the positive relationships that we have continued to maintain with the landowners in the Crooked Lake area of the Qu’Appelle Valley during the 2013 flying season, the Qu’Appelle Valley Site Contact haa successfully negotiated access to the sites that we fly in the Qu’Appelle Valley for the 2014 flying season.

The privilege of our continued access to these sites depends entirely on the conduct of the flying community. We must strictly adhere to the rules requested / established by the landowners and agreed to by the Site Contacts.

All hang gliding and paragliding sites in the Crooked Lake area of the Qu’Appelle Valley are regulated by the following protocol.

  • ALL pilots must have a valid HPAC membership card in their possession. If you don’t have your card – DO NOT GO. The landowners have indicated that they will be checking all pilots for proof of current HPAC membership cards. The landowners have also stated that if any pilots are found on their land without a current membership card in their possession, everyone will lose the privilege of using their lands.
  • ALL pilots must phone the Site Contact a minimum of 48 hours before leaving for any of the hang gliding sites in the Crooked Lake area of the Qu’Appelle Valley. The Site Contacts only (as requested by the landowners) will then notify the landowners that pilots plan to use their land. Contact from one person per group is acceptable.
  • ALL pilots must phone the Site Contact person within 24 hours of leaving the Crooked Lake area of the Qu’Appelle Valley with the following information:
    • Sites flown
    • Time that they left the site
    • Any unusual or helpful information for the Site Contact person
    • Damage done to any crop, fence, structure or field.
    The Site Contact will then inform the landowners of the details of the sites accessed.
  • These arrangements have been made for recreational hang gliding only. There will be no commercial (teaching) operations from these sites under this agreement.
  • All pilots must comply with the “Hang Gliding and Paragliding Site Rules of Conduct” of the Manitoba Hang Gliding Association (MHGA). See Appendix 1.

This is a one-year agreement. Violation of any of the above mentioned items would result in the loss of the sites.

Qu’Appelle Valley Hang Gliding and Paragliding Site Status as of April 29, 2014:

Flegel’s - Site use agreement in place
West Indian Point - Site use agreement in place
East Indian Point - Site use agreement in place
Hazel's Place - Site use agreement in place. Please note - this site is now under new ownership - Insure that the gates are kept closed, do not scare the cattle and do not drive on the field if wet.
The Hyde - Site use agreement in place
Gravel Pit - Site use agreement in place
Jubilee - Site use agreement in place.

For additional information on infrequently used sites, please call the 2014 Qu’Appelle Valley Site Contact (listed below).

Please Remember:

  • The hang gliding/paragliding community is the most visible group in the valley. Therefore, when we have been seen near a site, any damage done to or around a site by other parties WILL be blamed on us. Please do your part to improve good will.
  • Some of these lands are rented and leased to other parties, so please be mindful of others who may have concerns with your presence.

2014 Site Usage Fee Schedule

After a review of the 2013 operating costs the following fee structure will be applied for the 2014 flying season:

  • We will be collecting an $85 site usage fee which includes a non refundable $10 administration fee. This site usage fee will entitle the pilot to fly for 3 – 3 day weekends at a cost of $25 per 3 day weekend. This fee is due prior to flying in the valley and is payable to the Site Contacts. If a pilot does not use up all of their credits, the site contacts will promptly issue a credit at the end of the flying season. This $85 fee will be used to cover the costs of maintaining site related activities.
  • We are continuing in 2014 with the "Incentive to Call Back" plan. If the site contact is not contacted within 24 hours of returning from the valley with the information requested above, we will levy a $25 fine. If a second "no call" occurs the fine will be doubled to $50.
Please call the site contact for the current mailing address to send the site use fees to. Please insure that you include a signed copy of the “Acknowledgment Statement” below with your site fees.

General Information

The Sakimay First Nation and other landowners have been very generous in their agreement to continue to allow HPAC insured pilots to fly on their lands. It is our hope that, by having all pilots follow the agreement protocol, we may be allowed the privilege of a similar agreement next year.

If any problems/concerns arise, please call the Site Contact so that the situation can be resolved as soon as possible.

All pilots sending in their Qu’Appelle Valley 2014 site user fee must also sign and send in the “Acknowledgement Statement” below with their cheque. Click on the link below to get to the Statement:

Acknowledgement Statement
or download the Microsoft Word document: Acknowledgement Statement.

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