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Annual Directors’ Meeting
Day’s Inn and Suites
Cochrane, Alberta
April 23rd - April 25th 2010

Minutes of 2010 HPAC Annual Directors’ Meeting taken by Sam Jeyes

Friday 24 April 2010 9:00 a.m. at Days Inn, Mitford Road, Cochrane, Alberta.

Sam & Tim agreed to take minutes today.

9:05: Domagoj called meeting to order.

Directors present: Dom, Gilles, Bruce, Loren, Steve. Absent, Amir, Mark

9:30: Reviewed Agenda

10.00: HPAC Internet Familiarisation Workshop.

a) Forum:

- Walk through of how to use the HPAC forum

- Discussions of benefits of forum

- Directors are using email more because there is a lack of familiarity with the forum, but we should try to use the forum more

- The forum makes it easier to track discussions as they are organised by topic

b) Website:

- Discussion of BM Admin Page

- Overview of BM procedure – inputting new member or renewal into database or rating

- Entering new member information is time consuming, renewals a lot faster


  • Database is old

  • We rely on Gerry to program it, could someone else do this if necessary?

c) HPAC List

- Problems with erroneous email addresses listed in the database and problems with data in the system

- So if want to send off list emails to send to members it won’t work

d) Skype

- Should be considered if it could save money vs. BOD meeting


  • Dom suggested BOD install it and try it out in future it could be faster to discuss via Skype than have long on-going emails and exchanges.

Sam showed current directors how to use the Directors Forum for discussion usage. How to log-in, post conversations and choose to set-up voting. Sam also reviewed the HPAC database, how the directors can access the database for reviewing information without making changes. Sam provided demonstration on how to use the database for membership and entering information. Indicated the frustrations of the rigidity of the database.

Dom brought up the need to use skype to discuss information with business manager and the directors.

e) Awards


  • Discussion of where they should be located

  • The last recipient holds them now

  • We should mail a certificate

  • Should not worry about award being in a physical location

11.30: Minutes of the last ADM


  • Calendars to volunteers – will do this again this year

  • Translations? Working ok

  • Enroute article – should this be pursued further – next editor should take this on

  • Cafe Presse – closed – completed

  • Corporate Advertising – is there any way to do this nationally or is it best done at a local level

  • AIR on-line – we should track how many are using it

  • Directors outside of the policy – confirmed by legal / insurance advisor as ok

(from /pub/?pid=283)

Minutes of previous meeting discussed, action items taken.


Motion – approve the minutes of the last ADM. Forwarded by Steve, seconded by Loren, Approved unanimously.

Sam Jeyes made notes of necessary actions and people to do them in separate document.

13.30: Presentation of the annual Reports

Completed, note to publish in next edition of AIR

-15.30 Presentation of HPAC’s financials - Presented by Tim Parker (Treasurer)

Reviewed financials and had preliminary discussion on budget

-Choice of Auditors

Jorgensen & Bickerton to be chosen again as auditors for HPAC/ACVL Financials for 2009-2010.


Motion – approve Jorgensen & Bickerton as chosen Accountants for fiscal year 2009-2010. Dom, seconded, Amir. Approved unanimously


Directors present: Dom, Gilles, Bruce, Loren, Steve, Amir. Absent: Mark

Saturday April 24th

Directors present: Dom, Gilles, Bruce, Loren, Steve, Amir Absent: Mark

-9.00: Presentation of HPAC’s Request for Proposals for the Overhaul of HPAC’s Website (Amir Izadi, HPAC Vice-President)


  • Amir reviewed the Request for Proposal’s document created by the Website Overhaul team.

  • Adjustments were made to the administrative directives of the RFP to help streamline the process of receiving requests and documenting questions.

  • Other website’s were reviewed to compare what type of applications could be available.


Motion – approve the release of an RFP for the Association’s website overhaul. Forwarded by Steve, seconded by Loren, Approved unanimously.

-11.30: Marketing Strategy: National, image revamps, logo (Bruce Busby, HPAC Secretary and Sam Jeyes, HPAC B.M.)


  • With the upcoming change to the Website and the need to revamp the image, a change to the HPAC/ACVL logo would be appropriate.

  • Suggest an on-line logo competition to all members to get feedback and suggestions on a new logo.


Motion – announcement of contest for submission of new logo for association. Winner will receive a free 3 year membership and a Vario from Flytec. Forwarded by Domagoj, seconded by Bruce, approved unanimously.

  • Budget item to add to Marketing - $500 Budget for Logo Design

13:30: Air Magazine: Mission and future Strategies Search for new Editor


  • Question: Do we want to continue producing a magazine?

  1. Approach XC Magazine to run a similar XC Africa – find out cost by end May 2010.

  2. Postpone hiring of AIR Editor? Exploring other publishing possibilities with XC magazine – timeline – End of summer.

  3. Ask James Keller to do one more issue of AIR.

  4. Poll on new website on whether or not to continue with AIR. (December)


14:30: Teleconference System (Gilles Normandeau, HPAC Director for Manitoba and Sam Jeyes, HPAC B.M.)


  • Dom – Decide to use skype. Everyone install it. Set-up a time and date to get everyone to use it.

  • Amir – teleconferencing expensive.

  • Gilles - $110 for 90 minute call through MT Tel.

16.00: IAC: changes to be implemented before season start (student rating, rating requirements etc...), coming year’s agenda, instructional standards, instructor ratings (Steve Younger, IAC Chair)


  • Steve reviewed IAC committee report, discussions concerning changes to rating system and Instructor/Tandem requirements.

  • To receive an HPAC Membership, you must either :

  1. An individual currently in training with a certified HPAC/ACVL Instructor.

  2. An individual with a HPAC Rating or Foreign Equivalency Rating as per SOP 410-2.

  3. An HPAC/ACVL Pilot who has registered before 1st January 2009

  4. Special Board approval for individuals who do not meet the requirements of 5 to 7.


Motion – Amendment to SOP 220-0: add points 4 to 7 (see above). Steve, seconded Dom, unanimous. Effective immediately.

  • Steve recommended changes to the Beginner to Advanced Ratings, including requirements, exams, see following link for recommended changes: /pub/?pid=174


Motion to approve Rating changes. Effective 1st May 2010. SOP 410-3. /pub/?pid=174 Loren, seconded Amir, unanimous.

  • Application for Novice to Advanced Rating needs to be updated to indicate that only one fee is needed per application for a rating. Suggest that PRD to be changed to indicate this as:

  1. Certified instructors are responsible to forward applications for the Beginner, Novice and Intermediate Ratings to the Business Manager. The Pilot Rating Registration form signed by the instructor certifying that the applicant has passed the examination.

  2. Certified instructors are responsible for forwarding applications for Advanced ratings to the Business Manager. The Pilot Rating Registration form signed by the instructor certifying that the applicant has passed the examination. The application must be accompanied with a photocopy of the result of the HAGAR examination showing that the pilot has passed the examination.

  3. The fee for a Beginner to Advanced rating application is $10 per application payable to the HPAC/ACVL. The fee must be enclosed with the application.


Motion: Approve changes to SOP 410-4 section 7 to 9 as per noted above. Steve, seconded, Domagoj, approved unanimously.

  • Changes to the Foreign Rating Equivalency need to be updated. The cost of $10 to apply for a foreign rating should be removed. Changes to be made as noted below:

  1. Members of the HPAC/ACVL who already have a foreign rating may obtain the equivalent HPAC/ACVL rating in some cases. However, no rating above Intermediate will be awarded until the applicant provides proof that he has completed the HAGAR examination and has completed the Advanced Rating Examination.


Motion: Remove $10 charge for foreign rating equivalency. Bruce, seconded Steve, unanimous. Effective 1st May 2010.


Motion – Approve changes to SOP 410-3 section 18. Steve, seconded Loren, Unanimous. Foreign Rating equivalent. Effective 1st May 2010.

  • Discussion on Temporary Membership. Some Canadian pilots are using this within Canada and are providing a bogus international address to have a short-term membership.

  • Reviewing other International Associations memberships indicate that Temporary Memberships range from 20 to 60 days.

  • Suggestion that we change our Temporary Membership for HPAC/ACVL to 60 days.

  • Sam (Business Manager)


Motion: HPAC/ACVL to reduce the current 90 day Temporary Membership to 60 day Temporary Membership to its members for the $40 fee. Amir, seconded Steve, unanimous. Effective 1st May 2010.

  • Sam (Business Manager) to notify the changes to the web team, translation, air and the HPAC email list.


  • Sunday April 25th

  • 09.00: Charitable Status vs. Charitable Foundation: Finding the best instrument to support causes that make our sport go forward and grow. Rethinking the mission of our endowment fund.


  • Dom – USHPA website, free-flight foundation. Same as what we are trying to do currently. Rules governing charitable foundation different in certain ways. Mark not in attendance, will table this to Mark after the end of this year’s ADM. Second board that reports to BOD as a charitable foundation within HPAC.
    Steve – form parallel organisation

  • Bruce - free flight foundation in US as an ‘Arms length” organisation within USHPA.

  • Dom – comp funding, site, preservation foundation

  • Gilles – Is this allowed.

  • Steve – limits to it. Put into the constitution. Legal advice on this matter

  • Dom – main source of income sponsorship looking for charitable receipts – cannot currently do this. If this is created we will have to look at mission of endowment fund current sole purpose to fund world team. This foundation may change the usage of the endowment fund.

  • 11:00 Comp Funding & Mark Dowsett Review for the 2010 season


  • BOD Reviewed Mark Dowsetts suggestions and proposal on Comp Funding and managing badges:

  • competition fund - the 10x $250 is a good incentive to help organizers get going on organizing sanctioned events. This initiative needs some promotion as many don't know about it. I'd like a link from the menu system on HPAC to better direct people. Maybe on the "Events>Competition Info>" there could be a "Competition Funding" link. I'd like to be able to edit this at will...I think Gerry can make that happen.


Motion: First 10 registered Canadian competitions, up to $250 each. $25 amount per participating competitor up to the maximum amount of $250. Effective from 1 May 2010 to 31 December 2010. To be applied to Business Manager by Event Organiser. Put forward motion: Bruce Busby, Steve Younger seconded. Unanimous vote.


  • Leo Suggestion: Competition Committee (Mark Dowsett)

  1. - I would like to start this up again. I let it go dormant this Spring due to Gerry not being able to resync the HPAC user database with its database. I never received a response from him if he couldn't or didn't have time to. If I can get a final answer from him, I'll just start fresh - which means people will have to have a separate user name and password to log in to it (which is often a barrier to participation). I need approval on to pay for the hosting fees of $120 per year to get this reactivated.

  2. I'd like a cash prize to be given to a couple of the winners of the HPAC Leo main category winner....maybe $100 x2 (one for HG, one for PG)


Motion: Mark Dowsetts Proposal from the Competition Committee – points 1 and 2 – receive support from Web team to implement – Dom put forward motion, seconded by Steve Younger, unanimously passed.


  1. I'd like to promote the badges more to encourage all pilots to strive to improve their skills and hopefully this will give pilots individual goals to shoot for

  2. there is currently ZERO info on Badges on

  3. I hope to use the HPAC Leo track server as a repository for flights to be uploaded to (which will then go out to the other OLCs in the World). I'd also like to work on a system on where pilot's badges are prominently shown ("latest badges earned" column somewhere"). I hope to use a similar system that Gerry currently has rigged for me to approve people as an Official Observer (OO).

  4. I'd like a page created to explain Badges that I can edit myself. I'm torn where to put it. I don't like it under the current "Members" menu item. I think under "Let's Fly" is more appropriate

  5. I'd like a form created for people to submit their Badge applications online. If the web team can't do it, I may just do it thru Google Docs (but I'd rather not).


Motion: Mark Dowsett – points 1 to 5 above, support from Web team to implement., Gilles put forward motion, Loren seconded, passed unanimously.


Motion: Mark Dowsett to administer badges, Bruce put forward motion, Seconded by Loren, passed unanimously.

  • 13:00 Web team Review and Contract Renewal


  • BOD Reviewed contracts and effects of changes for this fiscal year.


Motion to renew web team contracts from 1st April 2010 to 31st March 2011. Steve, seconded Bruce, unanimous.

-14:00 Business Manager Review and Contract Renewal


  • BOD Reviewed BM Report. Sam Jeyes BM reviewed processes, procedures, positives and negatives to position.


Motion to renew BM contract from 1st April 2010 to 31st March 2011. Dom, seconded Bruce, unanimous.


Motion – two signatures for any cheque written over $10,000. Steve motioned, Gilles seconded, unanimous.

-15:00 Privacy policies


  • Gerry (Web team) – ok to have members only to see current members list if that is what wanted. Check with Mark Kowalsky & Mark Dempsey to see if this is ok legally to do this.

  • PRD to be written up on a privacy policy.

  • Check for email forwarder on Mark Kowalsky.

-15:30 National HG and PG Day (May 31st)


  • Dom - In US it is memorial day – enough time to prepare for this?

  • Announce in AIR and on the website? Amir – weather in US vs. Canada is different – fly? Hit or miss? Is it better to do it on Canada Day for example.

  • Bruce – If it is 6 months ahead of time what would we do? Example, Secretary Day – blurbs and marketing it?

  • Contact CIVL – international or world HG/PG day.

  • Press Releases – encourage local clubs and associations, use this occasion to promote this sport.

  • To discuss opportunity to help promote the sport to increase types of flying in certain areas. BOD to discuss on Forum.


Motion – To adopt a National HG/PG Day in Canada – May 31st each year. To announce it by Dom, President. Dom, seconded by Bruce, unanimously.

-16:00 New Technologies: Electric power and paramotor, speed wings


  • Dom – electric power motors. Viable new technology for paramotoring. Alternate way of launching / getting altitude.

  • Dom – Max and Jacques to keep an eye out on developments in powered engines.

  • Amir – confirmed motorized HG’s & PG’s not included in our policy

-16:30 Awards: -

Solid Ground


  • Recommendations:

  1. Dom – Jacques Blanchet who runs his school . Landowner has allowed Jacques to remodify the area of land – been pro-active with municipal govts to allow this to happen.

  2. Wait until names are proposed. Confirm on-line – two candidates. To do before AGM.

Cliff Kakish


  • Dom – Mount St Anne project – RCR. President of Mt St Anne – Jac St-Hilaire, Amir Izadi, Will Gadd, Bruce Busby, Quinn Cornwell, Domagoj Juretic, Rene Marion.


Motion – Award Cliff Kakish to members of the Mount St. Anne project. Steve, Seconded Loren, Unanimous

Jaimie Christensen


  • Dom – recipient for this award Margit Nance. Letter from el-presidente. Amir to create prize.


Motion – Jaimie Christensen Award to Margit Nance. Dom, Seconded Steve, Unanimous


  • BOD – Create Instructor of the year award.

  • Michael Robertson first recipient. Plaque to honour 40th year in sport – Steve & Mark Dowsett to present it to him. First HPAC instructor of the year award.


Motion – Create Instructor of the Year Award, New PRD to be created. Dom, Seconded Bruce, Unanimous

-17.00 Budget Vote


Motion – Approve Budget as reviewed and discussed prior to ADM on 24th April 2010. Bruce, Seconded Dom, Unanimous

-17.15 Elections (president, vice-president, secretary)


  • Dom – continue as we are. Enjoying position. This year’s ADM smooth a lot accomplished.


Motion – acclamation of current positions – president, vice-president and secretary. Bruce, Seconded Amir, unanimous.


Motion – Treasurer to continue – Tim Parker accepted his position. Bruce nominated, Loren, unanimous

-17.30 Preparations for the AGM


  • Financials to be sent to accountants. Announcement to AIR - needs to be 15 days before AGM. Questions – financial approvals, approval of choice of auditors.


Domagoj Juretic, HPAC/ACVL President, adjournment, 5.44pm, Sunday 25th April 2010.

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