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Cas Wolan - Thu, Mar 08 2007 11:51 pm

Date Proposed: Mar.8/07
Proposed by: Mike Miller Cas Wolan
Expiry Date: Mar.16/07
Seconded by: first voter other than proposer (Gerry Grossnegger)
Voting Begins: upon seconding by first vote (2007-03-09 15:32:17)
Voting Closes: Mar.16/07

Motion: To Elect Quinn Cornwell to position of Safety Officer for HPAC.

Gerry Grossnegger - Fri, Mar 09 2007 03:43 am

We need a "Safety Officer", not an "acting safety officer". As of this time no one has voted on (or thereby seconded) this motion. I would suggest that we change the wording so that we are confirming an actual Safety Officer into the position. Any objections to this?

Cas Wolan - Fri, Mar 09 2007 05:03 am

Thanks! It has been changed.

Gerry Grossnegger - Fri, Mar 09 2007 04:41 am

me: Do you officially accept the nomination for the position of Safety Officer?

Quinn (Fri, 09 Mar 2007 03:15:21 -0600): Yes.

Mike Miller - Fri, Mar 09 2007 12:18 pm

We need an acting Safety officer ntil we hear from all the candidates.

Gerry Grossnegger - Fri, Mar 09 2007 03:31 pm

We need a safety officer. We're all out of candidates and we can't wait months more on the vague hope that more will appear. Out of the whole bunch of people we've asked, all the others have said "no", or were only willing to do part of the job, or for only part of the year, or not yet, or a lot of other things that still made it a "no".

He has no problem with the idea of being replaced if, later, we find someone else that's more qualified, or whatever.

me, to Quinn: Assuming the vote is positive, YOU will be IT. We need ONE person to be THE Safety Officer. That's not to say that you can't get help and advice from as many other people as you like. You can try it out for a while, and if it doesn't suit, we can always switch (yet again) later.

him, replying: Yep, I stated that in some emails. Find someone better? Super, more time for web development.

Michael Fuller - Fri, Mar 09 2007 08:16 am

I'm looking for some resource info that says what his qualifications are. I don't know the man and would like some sense of who I'm voting for.

Gerry Grossnegger - Fri, Mar 09 2007 03:43 pm

Points in his favor:
- He's the only one that has said "yes, I'll do it".
- He's a eager young go-getter who hasn't yet been burned out (yet) by too much unappreciated work.
- He's been a HG pilot for a few years now, and if I might still think of him as a newbie that's just because of how long I've been in it, not how long he hasn't. He's a good pilot and flies well. Has provided us with some amusement over the years, but nothing really hilarious, and I've never seen him do anything really stupid.
- He's computer literate and will be able to handle all the related "paperwork" and probably come up with new & better ways.
- He "speaks his mind".

Points not in his favor:
- I'm sure he's never done a real accident investigation (but how many of us have?).
- He probably doesn't know much about the inner workings of Transport Canada.
- He doesn't have a long respectable grey beard or a fancy hat to make him look official.
- He "speaks his mind".

Kevin Thomson - Sat, Mar 10 2007 10:17 pm

We should ask Andre to give him a bit of coaching on the workings of T.C.


To Elect Quinn Cornwell to position of Safety Officer for HPAC

  • FOR (7)
    • 2007-03-09 05:03:39 Cas Wolan - Saskatchewan
    • 2007-03-09 15:32:17 Gerry Grossnegger - Manitoba & Nunavut
    • 2007-03-09 18:08:36 Mike Miller - British Columbia & Yukon
    • 2007-03-09 19:30:55 Michael Fuller - Atlantic Canada
    • 2007-03-10 11:31:22 Domagoj Juretic - Quebec
    • 2007-03-10 22:18:25 Kevin Thomson - Ontario
    • 2007-03-11 17:41:35 Bruce Busby - Alberta & NWT
  • AGAINST (0)
  • Abstain (0)
  • Did Not Vote (0)


Reference: Board of Directors forum.

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