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Gerry Grossnegger - Sat, Mar 31 2007 12:21 pm

At the 2006 ADM we budgeted $200 for all translations we would need for the 2006-2007 season. At this point in time, very near the end of the fiscal year, I don't believe we've spent any of it, but have just had a non-sanctioned demand for payment for an amount of more than that total budget, for a relatively insignificant amount of the translating which will have to be done on only one of the many projects which will need translating.

Note: One reason we haven't needed to use a major portion of that amount before this time is due to the hard work and abilities of the web team.

Domagoj Juretic - Sat, Mar 31 2007 02:05 pm

The translation that's been done on the website is amazing. Kudos to you and to the rest of the team.

I am also more than satisfied with the amount of translation we manage to get for free.

But I will always be willing to pay to get things moving in a timely way. I feel that is what's been done here.

To pay this outstanding bill I am willing to go over budget.

I dispute the figure of 200$ that has been presented as the translation budget.

Mike Miller - Sun, Apr 01 2007 01:43 pm

Translation budget $1000.

Confirmed in my notes, and from Charles Mathison.


Do we stay within the operating budget for Translations or not?

  • Yes, stay within the budget (use $200 or less) (1)
    • 2007-03-31 13:27:49 Gerry Grossnegger - Manitoba & Nunavut
  • No, exceed the budget (use some amount over $200) (2)
    • 2007-03-31 13:37:04 Domagoj Juretic - Quebec
    • 2007-04-01 22:35:19 Kevin Thomson - Ontario
  • Abstain (0)
    • 2007-03-31 21:08:08 Charles Mathieson (???)
  • Did Not Vote (4)
    • Bruce Busby - Alberta & NWT
    • Cas Wolan - Saskatchewan
    • Michael Fuller - Atlantic Canada
    • Mike Miller - British Columbia & Yukon

Exceed the budget (use some amount over $200)

Reference: Board of Directors forum.

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