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Domagoj Juretic - Thu, Apr 12 2007 02:03 pm

I would like to submit a motion for a vote.

The motion would allow for a standard expenditure (airfare and a couple days accomodations) for the IAC Chair (ERIC OLIVIER) to cover basic expenses of his presence at the ADM and the Friday meeting of the IAC.

So tagged with this first motion is a second one for an extraordinary meeting of the IAC, which would be present in it's entirety were the Chair to attend.

This would allow for the new ratings system to be discussed on the Friday and for the discussion on the Instruction review to be shortened by a proportional amount.

Because of the ADM is 2 weeks away, I submit this vote with a very short timeframe.

If too many director's don't get a chance to vote, we will have to find a quick alternative

Michael Fuller - Fri, Apr 13 2007 09:47 am

Sorry Dom but where is the extra money going to come from? Are you asking us to approve additional dollars to the budget.

I agree. I like the idea in principal but there is one hell of a lot of work that could have been done in the last two weeks that didn't get done. The issue of not bringing him to the adm is that we might lose him. Do you fear that?

I think I've mentioned only a few times that without the exams being rewritten we only have half a rating change. I don't see the exams being rewritten on Friday as well as doing the rating structure itself. It seems to me that we're putting money out for something that is 11th hour and which should be looked after this week or last week or last month.

You should book your ticket and if we agree on this then he can try to match your flight later. I'm not ready to vote on the expense until I know just what the pro's and con's are.

If we look at the way that Keller worked with all the comp pilots to achieve consensus for the rule book change without travel expense I'm wondering why we can't do the same with the ratings.

At this point I'd vote no but I could be reveive info that would cause me to change my vote.


Are you in favour of our IAC Chair's presence at the ADM?

  • Yes (1)
    • 2007-04-12 15:04:06 Domagoj Juretic - Quebec
  • No (3)
    • 2007-04-12 17:00:39 Cas Wolan - Saskatchewan
    • 2007-04-13 10:47:38 Michael Fuller - Atlantic Canada
    • 2007-04-13 12:49:05 Mike Miller - British Columbia & Yukon
  • Abstain (0)
  • Did Not Vote (3)
    • Bruce Busby - Alberta & NWT
    • Gerry Grossnegger - Manitoba & Nunavut
    • Steven Younger - Ontario

No, not in favour of our IAC Chair's presence at the ADM.

Reference: Board of Directors forum.

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