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Cas Wolan - Sat, May 12 2007 07:14 pm

HPAC/ACVL Motion Motion: 2007-05-12 - Start Of On-line AGM

Date Proposed: May 12th,2007
Proposed by: Cas Wolan
Expiry Date: May 19th,2007
Seconded by: first voter other than proposer
Voting Begins: upon seconding by first vote
Voting Closes: May 19th,2007

Motion: To set June 30th as the start date of the on-line AGM for this year.

Michael Fuller - Wed, May 16 2007 10:30 am

This does not need a vote. I do believe that we approved the date as of two weeks before the end of June. We did that at the adm.


Do you accept for 2007 a start date of June 30th for the on-line AGM?

  • Yes (0)
  • No (0)
  • Abstain (0)
  • Did Not Vote (7)
    • Bruce Busby - Alberta & NWT
    • Cas Wolan - Saskatchewan
    • Domagoj Juretic - Quebec
    • Gerry Grossnegger - Manitoba & Nunavut
    • Michael Fuller - Atlantic Canada
    • Mike Miller - British Columbia & Yukon
    • Steven Younger - Ontario

Motion expired, not seconded, voted on, or approved.

Reference: Board of Directors forum.

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