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Domagoj Juretic - Sat, Feb 02 2008 10:17 am

HPAC/AVCL Business Manager

This is a part-time contract position responsible to the Board of Directors of the HPAC/AVCL and reporting to its Director. The basic contract description is specified in PRD #250-1, located on the HPAC web site.

The position is salaried at a rate of $16,000 per annum. The Business Manager will be compensated for typical home office and business communications expenses according to normal business accounting practices.


There are no formal education or training requirements. The successful candidate will be required to demonstrate by means of cover letter, resume, references, and possibly interview, the management skills and personal attributes necessary to effectively execute the tasks for which the position is responsible.

The ability to render effective services in French and English is essential. Fluency, both written and spoken, in both languages is strongly preferred. The ability to provide quality language translation would be ideal.


In approximate order of priority:

1) Provide the facilities and supervision required to securely house and maintain Association office equipment and records.

2) Maintain a stable business front for the Association, to include appropriate and reliable telephone, fax, e-mail and postal communications.

3) Process Association memberships in a timely manner and maintain database records pertaining to memberships, ratings and insurance.

4) With assistance from the web support team, help maintain HPAC/AVCL web page content and act as point of contact for web based enquiries.

5) Manage day-to-day accounting requirements, including payment of employees, routine reports and maintenance of audit trails.

6) Provide non-editorial support for various HPAC/AVCL publications - such as AIR Magazine. E.g. subscriptions, submissions, mailing lists, archives, etc.

7) Time permitting; undertake other responsibilities as assigned by the President in support of Officers and/or Chairpersons.

Other responsibilities that may be assigned by the President include:

a) Assisting with preparations for the ADM or AGM.

b) The management of member services (e.g. Webstore, pilot supplies).

c) Annual budget and financial planning recommendations.

d) Various aspects of market research and advertising.

e) Monitor instructor activity and currency requirements.

f) Managerial overview of positions such as AIR editor, web consultants, translators, etc.

g) Other responsibilities as required and assigned by the President.


A regular report will be made to the President regarding each responsibility listed in the Terms of Reference (initially to be this position description). The detailed content and frequency of these reports will be negotiable with the President. Reports will be expected to focus upon issues requiring attention by the BoD and may include recommendations for the refinement of these Terms of Reference.

Public Relations and Marketing

As the most public face of the HPAC/AVCL, public relations and marketing skills are somewhat implicit in the job requirements. Professional experience in these areas is not a requirement for the position, but would be advantageous.


More than any other member or Officer, the Business Manager is in touch with the pulse and mood of the Association. Recommendations made regarding the operations of the Association will carry considerable weight. This is an opportunity to influence the future of free flight in Canada. Your best reward may be pilots’ gratitude.

Applications, which must include an appropriate cover letter, resume, and a least three references must be submitted to the HPAC Business Manager by end of day Friday, February 15, 2008. Applicants will be notified within two weeks regarding he status of their application.

Applicants are not required to be pilots or HPAC/AVCL members.


Do you approve of the job description as stated in this revised version (2008-02-04)?

  • Yes (4)
    • 2008-02-02 10:27:34 Cas Wolan - Saskatchewan
    • 2008-02-02 10:48:18 Brendan McCaskill - Manitoba & Nunavut
    • 2008-02-02 11:26:11 Domagoj Juretic - Quebec
    • 2008-02-03 00:31:06 Bruce Busby - Alberta & NWT
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  • Did Not Vote (3)
    • Amir Izadi - British Columbia & Yukon
    • Michael Fuller - Atlantic Canada
    • Steven Younger - Ontario


Reference: Board of Directors forum.

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