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Domagoj Juretic - Sun, Nov 30 2008 11:16 am

Vote on the two Bids presented for the Hosting of the 2009 Canadian Paragliding Nationals


Bid For: 2009 Canadian Paragliding Nationals, July 26th through August 1st, Golden, BC.
FAI Cat. 2. Presented by the Golden Eco-Adventure Ranch and Keith MacCullough.

General: Repeat2007'sPGNationalsatGolden'sEcoAdventure

Meet Purpose: A high-level meet with an emphasis on developing new
competition pilots. Same mentor and teaching program as 2007.

Organizer: Keith MacCullough
Meet Head: Keith MacCullough and John Macisaac
Scoring: Bill Hughes
Safety Coordinator: TBD
Meet Team: Generally the same as 07, with breakfasts led by Caroline

Lampron and her great team, etc.
Entry fee (Includes Team Fee): $225 before July 1, $250 after July 1.
-Services to be determined, but the 2007 PG Nationals will be the minimum. If this bid is accepted I expect to be able to develop some

sponsorship assistance for parties and possibly other services such as retrieves
Registration: Registration opens April 15th, registration per rulebook.
Registration Deadline: Sunday July 26th (those wishing to fly in the competition's latter days may do so if there is space).
Mandatory Pilot Meeting: Saturday July 26th 8:00 p.m at GEAR. Or after the days flying
Competition Days: July 26th through August 1st, 2009.

-Rain dates or other contingency plans Rain dates or other contingency plans

No rain days, no rest days.

Launch: Mt. 7 Lookout launch is the primary launch, but we may also use upper launch and Mt. Swansea depending on conditions.
Tasks: Race to goal via turnpoints.
Minimum and maximum number of rounds: Maximum number of rounds: 7. Minimum number of rounds to declare a winner/award
prizes: 1,000 points for the leading pilot. Validity as per rulebook.
Scoring: GPS, scored with CompeGPS/Race.

Pilot Cap (Maximum): 80.
Rulebook: 2007 HPAC/Vol Libre, in conjunction with the FAI sporting code.

Awards, prizes, etc.: Prizes for first-third in Open, Serial (up to DHV 1/2) and "Development" for pilots who have not flown in a previous FAI Cat 2 competition.


Canadian National Paragliding Championships 2009, Mt. Yamaska, Quebec, July 10th - 19th 2009

Bid for Yamaska 2009

Friday, 14th November, 2008

Bid for obtaining the Canadian National Paragliding Championships 2009.

This is an official bid for obtaining the abovementioned Nationals for Paragliding in summer 2009. After holding the ECC 2005 and the Nationals 2006, we believe we have the team, the location, the volunteers and the pilot’s support for holding the second Canadian Pg Nationals in the Province of Quebec. We believe we have the support of the majority of Canadian Pg pilots for holding this event. In this respect, here is an official proposition with the key details and functions of the organization.

The team:
Organizer: Eric Olivier and Vince Vaillancourt
Meet Director: to be confirmed
Launch director: to be confirmed
Security/safety: to be confirmed
Rescue/first aid: to be confirmed
Assistants: to be confirmed

The dates:
This event will be held form July 10th to the 19th 2009.

The location:
The only location will be at Mount-Yamaska, in St-Paul D’abbotsford Quebec.
Launches are all at around 1000 feet AGL or 1150 ASL.
Launches are located 320 degrees around the mountain and we have launch sites south, west, north and east.
Landing areas are numerous with four official sites. Mount-Yamaska is located in the eastern townships near Montreal and is surrounded by endless valleys.
There are two clubs on the mountain and one school/shop with all the benefits of available last minute supplies.

Launch types: This will be an all foot launched Nationals. Launches are flat with grassy surfaces with plenty of room for this type of competition.

Task types:
Cross country competition with waypoints. Typically FAI triangles, straight distances and out-and-return tasks.

The scoring system will be GAP. GPS downloads will be done using FAI software.

We will submit all the necessary requirements to obtain HPAC sanctioning and FAI CAT.II sanctioning. This event will also be supported by the AQVL (although the AQVL has yet to have any sanctioning requirements). This event will also be valid for NTSS points (USA)

Competitions: There will be two classes of competitions: Open class (LTF 2, LTF 2-3 and comp. certified gliders) and Standard class (LTF1, LTF1-2).

Pilot’s registration:
Pilots who wish to attend will have an online registration
( and a possibility of phone registrations.
The maximum number of pilots to attend will be set at 100 (one hundred).

The registration fee will be 295 $ CND.

Pilot’s recovery:
There will be many benevolent people on site to insure efficient pilot
recovery after each task.

HPAC rules will be used.

All pilots will be required to have valid HPAC insurance to attend the meet.

The Competition will be announced on the HPAC forum, the AQVL forum, on, the HPAC web site, the AQVL web site, the USHGA web site, the oz report (Davis Straub), Air Magazine and le Survol. There will also be press releases for the local papers and television news. Also there will be one main video team to record footage at the competition, which should lead to an available to all short film.

Local bodies: The Mount-Yamaska area benefits from having very good support for/from the free-flying community and the residents of St-Paul

D’Abbotsford has a very good opinion of pilots. We expect to have local sponsorships and municipal support for holding this event. sponsorships and municipal support for holding this event.

Contact info:
Eric Olivier
HPAC Hg/Pg Instructor
Distance Vol Libre Inc.
Cell : (514)-961-1295
School : (450)-379-5102


Which bid do you consider as the best one for the hosting of the 2009 Canadian Paragliding Nationals?

  • Yamaska Bid (6)
    • 2008-11-30 11:40:57 Gilles Normandeau - Manitoba & Nunavut
    • 2008-11-30 16:41:24 Michael Fuller - Atlantic Canada
    • 2008-11-30 22:15:05 Amir Izadi - British Columbia & Yukon
    • 2008-12-01 11:41:05 Steven Younger - Ontario
    • 2008-12-01 12:01:45 Domagoj Juretic - Quebec
    • 2008-12-01 13:56:32 Cas Wolan - Saskatchewan
  • Golden Bid (0)
  • Abstain (0)
  • Did Not Vote (1)
    • Bruce Busby - Alberta & NWT

Yamaska bid accepted.

reference: Board of Directors forum

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