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Motion by: Domagoj Juretic
Posted: Sun, Mar 29 2009 01:23 pm
Seconded by: Steven Younger (by first vote)

Domagoj Juretic - Sun, Mar 29 2009 01:23 pm

Here are the submitted documents for Doug Skye's application for the SENIOR INSTRUCTOR PG rating.

Doug Skye

Application For Senior Instructor - Paragliding

HPAC #336
HPAC Advanced Paragliding
First Aid renewed May 31, 2009

Paragliding since 1992
Certified instructor since 1996

I have taught the following paragliding courses for Muller Windsports:
High Flight
Hagar Study Groups & Map Reading

I am currently teaching paragliding for Muller Windsports Ltd in Cochrane, AB.

I assisted Keith MacCullough and John Janssen with the 2009 Instructors Course, March 13;14; 15, 2009 in Cochrane.

Please contact me if you need any further information

Yours truly,
Doug Skye

Keith MacCullough, March 19, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

Re: Doug Skye, HPAC Paragliding Instructor
Recommendation for Senior Instructor Certification

I would like to recommend Doug Skye to be a Paragliding Senior Instructor.
Doug assisted me in running an instructor's course March 13;14;15, 2009 He has completed all of the requirements asked by HPAC.

Doug has been teaching paragliding for Muller Windsports Ltd in Cochrane, AB since 1996 when he obtained certification. He has been flying paragliders since 1992.

Due to his experience, I feel that Doug is more than qualified to be certified as a HPAC Paragliding Senior Instructor.

If you require any additional information, please contact me at

Yours truly,
Keith MacCullough
HPAC Paragliding Senior Instructor

Sam Jeyes, HPAC Administrator, March 22, 2009-03-21

Dear Sam

Attached please find a spreadsheet with a list of participants in Muller Windsports Annual Instructors Course which took place March 13/14/15, 2009. The course was facilitated by John Janssen, Senior, Hang Gliding, assisted by Steve Milchak, Senior Hang Gliding and Keith MacCullough, Senior, Paragliding, assisted by Doug Skye who has applied for Senior Paraglider Instructor.

Vincene Muller, Muller Windsports Ltd

Hang Gliding Participants - all requirements completed
Moore Newell
Dave Wagner
Michael Schulte
Steve Parson

Paragliding Participants - all requirements completed
Brad Bourk
Glenn Bitterman

Ross McMurdo has completed all his requirements for Paragliding Instructor. His first aid is attached to this report. His Hagar requirement is on file - not as a hagar as he is an Air Canada pilot and that paperwork is on file with his ratings. He has completed his apprentice hours with Muller Windsports.

Also attached is the recommendation from Keith MacCullough for Doug Skye's Senior Rating and the application from Doug Skye. An you please forward this paperwork to the HPAC Board for approval.

Leif Hanson requires two more apprentice hours plus novice and intermediate ratings for his hang gliding instructors rating. He is a pilot from an area with no instructors and has not had an opportunity to write the exams.

Chad Chuydk and Clint Doering need intermediate rating and first aid to complete their paragliding instructors requirements

Please let me know if there is anything that I missed with this report.

Yours truly,
Vincene Muller
Muller Windsports Ltd

Doug Skye

Hello Domagoj

Thank you for taking the time to address my Senior Instructor (Paragliding) application.

I consider my goals to be more practical than lofty. Like many instructors, I have a profession other than paragliding. In my case, it's Engineering. Regardless of that, I am always pleased to see new pilots who have the desire to become instructors and who are willing to spend the time to do so. I have been an instructor since the mid 90's and have observed a fair number of instructors come and go. I have also observed many that have stayed. Some go because they loose interest, some because of burnout, some because of other commitments. Occassionally its a struggle to ensure that there is a large enough pool of instructors here in Cochrane/Calgary to keep up with the demand and number of students. Sometimes it's just nice to have a weekend off. It is also great to have new ideas from new participants; it happens a lot.

If we go "up" the food chain, the pool of senior instructors is even smaller. It is this same small handful that has to provide the certification courses and related activities year after year. Sometimes they need a hand or may need to be off doing other activities. Do I expect to make "great" advances in the sport? No. Do I expect to continue providing ground schools and hands on training? Yes. Do I expect to continue assisting with certification courses? Yes.

I hope this gives you an insite to my motivation and I appreciate the fact that you have to deal with some rather subjective information.

I believe that items 7a through 7g in the requirements list are already covered elsewhere.

Doug Skye, P.Eng., HPAC #336

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    • 2009-03-31 23:51:48 Steven Younger - Ontario
    • 2009-04-01 13:41:52 Amir Izadi - British Columbia & Yukon
    • 2009-04-01 14:34:13 Bruce Busby - Alberta & NWT
    • 2009-04-01 17:03:58 Gilles Normandeau - Manitoba & Nunavut
    • 2009-04-01 17:31:04 Domagoj Juretic - Quebec
    • 2009-04-02 06:07:38 Michael Fuller - Atlantic Canada
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  • Did Not Vote (1):
    • Cas Wolan - Saskatchewan


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