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2009-02-17: Amendments to SOP 550-0 (Endowment Fund)

Domagoj Juretic

Here is the current paragraph of the PRD that we are considering amending.† We would like to take out any need for an application and any mention of the concept of need.† We would need to find wording that would allow to simply divide the available amount with the competitros who are actually participating in the world chmapionships.† And for next year we will ask the comp committee to look at the possibility of this money going to Canadian comps.† (But that's for next year.)

4. The Endowment Fund - Grant Eligibility and Distribution
a. The Grant will come from the interest earned by the Endowment Fund
b. The Grant will be disbursed upon successful application by the competitor
i. Application must be accompanied by a copy of pilot's confirmed registration in the competition(s) to be undertaken
ii. Applications for funding must demonstrate need and be received by the business manager no later than six weeks prior to the competition
iii. Eligibility will be defined by the applicants FAI status.† Applicant must qualify for an FAI category 1 or category 2 event
iv. Successful applicants must forward a copy of their paid category 1 or category 2 event registration form
v. Administration of the grant will be carried out by the HPAC business manager
vi. The successful applicant will agree to represent Canada and their sport at the international level with dignity, respect and good sportsmanship and allow the use of all competition images of them by the hpac/acvl for sport promotional purposes
vii. The Board of Directors will decide on the distribution and size of individual grants

To simplify the administration of the endownment fund by the business manager and to take away the arbitrary criterium of need; SOP 550-0 shhould be amended by;

-By taking away section b and subsections i, ii, and iv
-Subsections v, vi, vii will become respectively subsections i, ii, iii

This gives total discretion the BOD on distribution and size of the grants with a stated intent to split up the interest earned among the actual participants in this year's PG and HG world championships.

It is also a stated intent of the BOD and the Competition Committee to review this PRD and evaluate other possible ways to promote competition in our sport.

Note: This ammendment to SOP 550-0 will create PRD 550-1.


Domagoj Juretic

I have asked the comp commitee to give us some input.

For this year we are kind of committed to splitting the money up equally among the actual participants in the World Championships (HP and PG).† So this involves an amendment to the current PRD to reflect what we committed ourselves to.† But I opened the discussion about how this money could be most effective in promoting competition (in the largest sense of the word).† The ida of diverting it to actual Canadian comps is just a discusson starter.

But we will have to at least consider the input from the comp committee.


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