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2009-02-01: Purchase of a Colour Printer for our Business Manager

Domagoj Juretic

With a colour printer Sam, our business manager will be able to do lots of smaller printing jobs ''in house'' and therefore save time and possibly money.  Sam will shop around for the best deal and I will open the vote as soon as we have a ballpark figure.

Here is the info about the machine that we are considering:
Colour MFD (copy.print,fax,scan) Laser (prints two-sided automatically)
MFD Colour with 3 year warranty: $1558.

We would take $500 in this year's marketing budget and the remainder ($1058) in next years office equipment budget.


Sam Jeyes

Here is some info and suggestions on a colour printer.

Based on the technology, anticipated volume, cost of operation and quality that is required, a laser unit is the most effective solution.

I would suggest two types of devices, either a printer only, or a multi-functional unit (can print/copy/fax/scan).

The current inventory we have is:
1. B&W laser printer (3 years old)
2. Fax machine (5 years old)
3. Epson Scanner (does not work )

I would recommend replacing these aging units with one device.  It is more cost effective as we aren't buying toner for different machines.  I cannot currently scan so I have to take things to the office each time I need to scan which is not time effective.  I cannot copy, so again, I have to take things to our office to do this.  Also recommend getting a device that prints and copies two sided automatically, saves on paper, filing space and is more environmentally friendly.

Here are the two price points for these units:
1. Colour Laser Printer (prints two-sided automatically): $719 (add 3 year warranty: $349)
2. Colour MFD (copy.print,fax,scan) Laser (prints two-sided automatically): $1179 (add 3 year warranty: $379)

Budget wise this is where we are:
Actual Budget
Office Equipment $ 1,435.19 $1,500.00
Promotion & Marketing $ 4,543.18 $10,000.00

Office Equipment is already used budget wise as the PC was in that expenditure.  We could put it under promotion & marketing instead as there is still some room in that budget.

Domagoj Juretic

The expense is worthwhile, I am sure.  It's just a question of where do we take the money from, in my modest opinion.

Sam Jeyes

The Computer cost was in this fiscal year (Apr1 2008 to Mar31 2009).  The next fiscal starts Apr 1 2009.  The $10,000 is an annual marketing budget, decided upon each year at the ADM.  Currently we are at $4,543 for marketing actuals.

Laser is most cost effective.  Costs from 8 to 25 cents per page (Colour) depending on area coverage.  Inkjet is normally 20 to $1.50 per page (colour) depending on coverage We can do it like that $500 for marketing and the rest from equipment budget in 2009-2010.  There are two budget items in 2008-2009 in regard to the office, office equipment and office expenses.  Office equipment was budget $1500 and we have spent $1435 (this is PC, Simply Software).  Office expenses was budget $3000 and we have spent about $2200 (general office expenses).

I would recommend:
MFD Colour with 3 year warranty: $1558.  Put $500 in this years marketing budget and the remainder ($1058) in next years office equipment budget.

Amir Izadi

Sounds good Sam.  I'll go with your recommendation.


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